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The Missing Links: It's Been That Long?

Colin Patrick

10 Odd Early Interpretations of Dinosaurs

Arallyn Primm

Many extinct creatures are so outside our familiar world that it’s not unexpected to produce completely wrong interpretations of these ancient beasts.

Darwin's Beetle, Lost and Found

Matt Soniak

11 Words and Phrases Popularized by World War I

Arika Okrent

The Oxford English Dictionary is honoring the centenary with an appeal to the public for help in finding the earliest documented uses of words that first came into English during World War I.

10 Musicians With Official "Days" Named After Them

Jennifer M Wood

Happy Kurt Cobain Day to the residents of Aberdeen, Washington.

Morning Cup of Links: Influential Candy Bars

Miss Cellania

Did the Pentagon Really Ban Furbys?

Mark Mancini

Furbys were all the rage in the late nineties—1998 alone saw the sale of a whopping 27 million units—and remain popular to this day.

5 Questions: "Whip" It!

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5 Strange Movie Terms—Explained!

DeAnna Kerley

Do you call yourself a movie buff? Here are five storytelling terms to store away for movie trivia night.

What 11 Popular Zoo Animals Taste Like

Mark Mancini

Have you ever visited the local zoo and found yourself wondering how a juicy hunk of boiled penguin breast might taste?

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

The Missing Links: Hidden Video Game Characters

Colin Patrick

A Guide to Scoring Figure Skating at the Olympics

Jessica Bloustein Marshall

Have you been watching the figure skating competition at the Olympics and wondering what the heck is going on? Why isn't anyone getting 6.0 scores any more?

Inside the Criterion Film Restoration Lab

Chris Higgins

4 Surprising Things Facebook Has Learned From Your Relationship Status

Arika Okrent

While many of the results match up with our expectations, not everything was so obvious.