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7 Words that Came About from People Getting Them Wrong

Arika Okrent

People didn't always say "pea" or "newt." These seven words initially started as other words entirely.

How Red Velvet Cake Got Its Name

Stacy Conradt

Red velvet cake did not get its name from the bottle of food coloring you dump into the batter. Here’s what really happened.

Retrobituaries: Chris Latta, voice of Starscream and Cobra Commander

David W Brown

Children of the 1980s know few voices better than that of Chris Latta, who played the roles of both Starscream and Cobra Commander.

How Was the Top-Secret Coke Formula Determined to Be Kosher?

Kevin Kampwirth

Few products in civilized history can match the mythology and ubiquity of Coca-Cola.

The Late Movies: 6 Political Figures That Appeared on Sesame Street

Erica Palan

It's T-Shirt Tuesday!

Erin McCarthy

3 Artists Who Were Really Bad at Their Art

the mag Clay Wirestone

Critics mocked. Audiences jeered. Yet these three artists still found fame.

The Missing Links: Great Ways to Complicate Easy Things

Colin Patrick

8 Underground Rivers

Miss Cellania

Rivers run underground all over the world.

The Oscar Feud That Spans Seven Decades

Stacy Conradt

Two sisters competed against each other for Best Actress in the 1940s. All these years later, they're still feuding.

7 Reasons to Never Ever Ever Vacation on a Cruise Ship

The Week

Cruises are often advertised as luxurious escapes from the grinding tedium of our everyday lives.

9 Established Movie Directors Who Also Worked on TV

Rudie Obias

Most directors start their careers working on television before taking the plunge into moviemaking.

What is the Universe?

Chris Higgins

Brain Game: Eau de Humanity

Sandy Wood

Morning Cup of Links: Baby Animal Parade

Miss Cellania