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Clown College


The 5pm Quiz: Monty Python

Special Guest Star

The British are known for their stiff upper lips "“ but also for their sense of the absurd.

Ultimate Time-Waster: Super Mario Bros Online Games

Chris Higgins

Need a way to waste your afternoon instead of working? Why not play Infinite Mario Bros, an online Java-based Mario game made by a fan.

The Quick 10: 10 Bad Running Tips Once Thought to Be Good

Stacy Conradt

I'm a runner, sort of. I never was before a couple of years ago - I was always an elliptical in an air-conditioned gym kind of a girl.

A Warm Round of Applause for Our Newest Contributor

Bud Shaw

Editor's Note: The mental_floss staff emails around a lot of articles.

The Onion on

Jason English

The Onion published this fantastic story back in May, but I'm re-posting it today in honor of the 3,245th spam email I've received from this year ("Who left 1 signature i

Whatever Happened to U-2 Spy Gary Powers?

Eric Johnson

If you weren't alive when Francis Gary Powers got shot down over the Soviet Union, you probably heard about it in high school history.

Bonus Quiz: Baseball Card Brands

Scott Allen

If you've ever collected baseball cards, the names Donruss, Fleer, Topps, and Upper Deck elicit memories of different card designs, which have varied through the years from simplistic to futurist

Distance + Age = Appreciation

David K. Israel

Though I was born in Philadelphia, I actually grew up in New Jersey. That's hard to admit, but I feel better now that I've cleared the air.

Brain Game: Ring My Bell

Well, it's hump day, and I'm a sure 'nuff Quasimodo.

Found Photos: Super Creepy Victorian-era Twins

Ransom Riggs

I was digging through disorganized piles of old photos in a Portland antique store last week when I happened upon a goldmine of weirdness: amidst fading snapshots of family vacations and weddings were

Morning Cup of Links: Intelligent Fribbles

Miss Cellania

Which one of these fribbles looks more intelligent? How you answer may have more to do with whether you are left-handed than with your judgment. (via Metafilter) * Love in the Time of Leprosy.

The Late Movies: 9 Great Movie Monologues

Mario Marsicano

When I look back at some of my favorite moments in film, I realize a lot of them happen to be monologues.

The 5pm Quiz: Eyeball the Island

Sandy and Kara

On the left are outlines of ten well-known islands, and your job is to match them up with the island name on the right. Good luck! Take the Quiz: Eyeball the

The Quick 10: 10 Famous Trees

Stacy Conradt

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day the world lost one of its oldest living organisms.

Robot Hands Jamming on a Bouncy Ball

Chris Higgins

Here's further proof that eventually, robots will become our masters and we'll just serve as food for them, or, if we're lucky, we'll be their pets.