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The Missing Links: Are Space Elevators Possible?

Colin Patrick

7 Special Oscar Categories and Awards

Rudie Obias

While Oscar categories such as Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Director are well-known, there are a few special categories and awards that are a little more obscure.

A Simple Logic Puzzle

Chris Higgins

Scientific Evidence That You Are (and Aren’t) the Center of the Universe

Lucas Reilly

To the horror of mothers everywhere, there is scientific evidence that you are, in fact, the center of the universe. We all are, actually.

25 Times the Earth Tried to Swallow Us

Roma Panganiban

On sinkholes and what causes them.

The First New Bill Watterson Cartoon in Almost 20 Years!

Mangesh Hattikudur

New work from the legendary Calvin and Hobbes creator.

Why Are There Two Carolinas and Two Dakotas?

Leah Beckmann

It’s possible you’ve heard of North and South Dakota. You may have also heard about North and South Carolina.

The Presidential $1 Coin Quiz

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How well do you know your presidential coin portraits?

The Future of Books Is Experimental: At Home with Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs

Jen Doll

All week long, Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs sit side by side at a long workbench facing their Santa Monica backyard, writing.

5 Questions: John Steinbeck

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8 Creative Toy Story Interpretations You Probably Hadn't Considered

Meredith Danko

The Internet loves to speculate about hidden meanings in blockbusters.

3 Dirty Songs by Mozart

Lucas Reilly

People love to complain about today’s music. All the lyrics are too bland, repetitive, and racy. So thank goodness we have a canon of treasured composers to fall back on! You know, guys like Mozart.

The Missing Links: Why You Love It

Colin Patrick

12 Animals Whose Names Etymologically Describe Them

Arika Okrent

Now the names for these creatures big and small make total sense.

Real Life Spies vs. The Americans

Orrin Konheim

The Americans is certainly entertaining and has garnered critical acclaim, but is it realistic?