Dietribes: Lobster Tales

Allison Keene

• Lobster love goes back a long way (1605 marks the first recorded lobster catch), while the creatures were more than plentiful in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Apple Store: a place you can bring your goat

David K. Israel

We've all seen the videos of people dancing in the Apple store. But what else can one get away with?

The Number of the Day: 106

Colin Patrick

As of June, the Alcor Life Extension Foundation of Scottsdale, Arizona, had 106 patients in various states of cryopreservation (frozen in liquid nitrogen).

A Brief History of the Absolutely Amazing "A"

Matt Soniak

Most modern alphabets start with the letter “A,” or a near equivalent.

Brain Game: Filling Station #5 (with a twist!)

The Wednesday Wordplay challenge for today's Brain Game brings you a new entry in our popular new Filling Station puzzle series - but with a new quirk.

Kickstart This: A Documentary About Some Very Speedy Ex-Cons

Ransom Riggs

Sick Mick and the Boys is a feature-length documentary that's been in the works for a few years now, directed and shot by some buddies of mine from film school.

Morning Cup of Links: The World's Thinnest House

Brian Abrams

Accountant by day, photographer by night: Lee Jeffries' portraiture of the homeless taught him "not to take the familiar for granted." * A pair of college students have been obsessing

Surprising But True: Crocodiles Can't Chew

Stacy Conradt

Image credit: MartinRe Yes, it's true. Despite their fearsome reputation, crocodiles can't chew.

The Late Movies: Shakespeare in the Park

Erica Palan

Though most famous in New York City, Shakespeare in the Park has fans all over the world.

The Fontastic Stories Behind 5 Common Typefaces

Ethan Trex

Every time we read printed material, we’re interacting with a font. It’s easy to take them for granted, but every typeface has an inventor and a story. Let’s take a look at the origins of five common

From Dinner to Stonehenge: IKEA-style Instructions for Just About Everything

Andréa Fernandes

IKEA, which sells products in more than 35 different countries, had the brilliant idea to create wordless, graphical instructions for all their products, thus enabling people all over the world to bui

The Set of "The Shining" is Intentionally Impossible

Chris Higgins

The set in "The Shining" appears to be intentionally designed to confuse and freak out viewers, through subtle "impossible and illusionary designs used by Kubrick to disorientate the vi

Language Pet Peeves

David K. Israel

When it comes to the way people use the English language, I've got a pantload of pet peeves.

Johnny Cash and a Delightful New Child Star in Door-to-Door Maniac

Ethan Trex

You knew Johnny Cash could sing, but you’re probably less familiar with his dramatic output. Let’s rectify that.

Look Up! Incredible Ceiling Designs

Jill Harness

While the only ceiling art most people are familiar with is the famous mural on the Sistine Chapel, it's certainly not the only ceiling worth a look.