To Paywall or not to Paywall?

David K. Israel

Editor's Note: In response to the somewhat frantic emails I've been receiving today, let me reiterate (pre-iterate?) what it says in large text below: this is not something we're consid

Morning Cup of Links: Martian Forest

Miss Cellania

Author Jack London's real life was every bit as interesting as the characters in his books.

The Late Movies: Letterman's Monologue

Jason English

I'm heading out to Cleveland tomorrow morning for a visit to our Midwest headquarters (and new retail store), and I still need to pack.

The Quick 10: 10 Real-Life Glee Club Members

Stacy Conradt

I'm a total Gleek, I admit it.

A $100,000 Bill? The Story Behind Large-Denomination Currency

Ethan Trex

Your local convenience store may not accept bills larger than $20, but once upon a time you could have paid for your gum with a nice fresh $10,000 bill.

10 Futuristic Ads From the Past

David K. Israel

There's nothing quite like old advertisements to give us a look-see at what the past thought the future would look like, taste like, talk like or sound like.

6 Horrifying Modern Cannibals

Miss Cellania

Cannibalism, as repulsive as it is, can be understood in cases where consuming the deceased is an alternative to certain starvation.

Brain Game: Two at a Time

Enjoy Tuesday's Brain Game; thanks for playing! What's the next letter in the following sequence? T, E, T, T, ? Here is the SOLUTION. THE SOLUTION: F. The letters represent t

Morning Cup of Links: Frankenhuman!

Miss Cellania

A pilot's life is nowhere near as glamorous as the public thinks, and it's gone nowhere but downhill over time. Does more work with less pay affect travel safety?

The Late Movies: Virtuoso Bass Players

Ransom Riggs

Since my guitar virtuosos Late Movies post from last week ignited such a firestorm of controversy, I thought it was only natural to follow it up with a list of some of my favorite bass players.

A Brief (Sad) History of the Cleveland Cavaliers

Bud Shaw

Where to start a post about LeBron James and renaissance except in the dark ages of the basketball town where I live. Some context first: The last championship in our city was in 1964.

Netflix Rental Patterns, or, Minnesotans Love to Rent "The Bucket List"

Chris Higgins

A bit of nerdy interactive fun for you today: the New York Times has an Interactive Map of Netflix Queues covering 100 "frequently rented" titles from 2009, including very heavily-rented ti

The Quick 10: 10 Competitive Eating Records

Stacy Conradt

Everyone knows about the famous Fourth of July hot dog eating contest. It may be one of the most well-hyped, but it's hardly the only eating competition out there.

How Fast Can You Go on a... Lawnmower?

David K. Israel

When you think land-speed records, you usually think Lamborghini or Ferrari.

6,000 Cheesecakes & 7 Other Strange Robberies

Rob Lammle

Most criminals rob banks, steal cars, or maybe just take your wallet. But some crooks have gone for less conventional targets over the years.