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Thanks to Smartphones, 20 Percent of San Francisco’s 911 Calls are Butt Dials

Anna Green

Accidental calls are putting a strain on San Francisco's emergency dispatch system.

When Walt Disney Opened an Elementary School

Jake Rossen

The principal's office had a door sign that read "Captain Hook."

Mealworms Make Styrofoam Biodegradable By Digesting It

Anna Green

Two new studies have huge environmental implications.

10 Perfectly Paired Facts About ‘Harold and Maude’

Tara Aquino

In 1971, it was a box office disaster. Today, the brutally dark rom-com is considered a masterpiece.

The World’s Largest Collection of Fossilized Poop Opens in Florida

Shaunacy Ferro

The South Florida Museum has a load to boast about.

We're Doing a TV Show (and it involves LIVE BRAIN SURGERY!)

The Stylish, High-Tech Cat Toy of the Future Comes to Kickstarter

Hannah Keyser

A new smart-phone activated cat toy is gaining traction on Kickstarter.

Maryland Built the World's Largest Man-Made Oyster Reef

Kirstin Fawcett

The bivalve mollusks will filter the water, repopulate the over-fished estuary, and hopefully help save the Bay.

10 Fast Food Workers Who Redefined Customer Service

Stacy Conradt

Would you like a side of warm fuzzies with that?

The Missing Links: The Amount of Time Jim Spent on Pranks

Colin Patrick

IKEA Tests Movable Walls to Add Flexibility to Tiny Apartments

Hannah Keyser

IKEA hopes to make the structures available to the public in the next three years.

Chernobyl's Wildlife Population Has Grown Since the Disaster

Andrew LaSane

Large mammals are thriving in the exclusion zone.

The Counterfeiter Who Sank the Confederacy

Jake Rossen

It wasn't a superior army that vanquished the South; it was a patriotic counterfeiter and his $15 million in fake bills.

11 Vacation Scams That Dupe Tourists

How Milton Bradley Introduced 19th Century Kids to Moving Pictures

Michele Debczak

More than a century before the iPad, some kids were scrolling through a different device.