Tuesday Turnip


Tuesday Turnip


Is Internet Gambling Legal?

the mag

by Eric

The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

In the category of Beyond My Comprehension, an interactive breakdance competition in stop-motion (Warning: not for the epileptic-inclined).

Caption Contest No. 16

David K. Israel

[There's still time to get your caption in! We'll lock down the contest on Sunday.] Our latest brilliant cartoon is by regular _floss reader, the very gifted Art Fuentes.

13 Former Ad Men Who Found Fame in Other Fields

Ethan Trex

Let's take a look at some real life Don Drapers who went on to find fame in other fields. Here are a few famous folks who got their starts penning slogans and writing jingles.

The Quick 10: 10 Sculptures Made of Butter

Stacy Conradt

Big news around these parts: The Iowa State Fair kicked off yesterday. And you know what that means "“ Butter Cow.

The 5pm Quiz: Did They Play College Football?

Jason English

The 2009 college football season is fast approaching.

Les Paul - "What I've Learned"

Chris Higgins

Guitar great Les Paul died this week, and I've been thinking about what I could post in tribute.

The Fastest-Growing Companies (We're #3,164!)

Jason English

We've all heard actors and athletes who've won something say, "I couldn't have done it without the fans!" But in this case—if you count finishing in 3,164th place &q

Friday Happy Hour: Continuing Your Education

Jason English

1. Congratulations!

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Cat Saves Man from Burning Home With most "pet saves family from fire" stories, it's easy to assume that the pet woke someone up because it wanted OUT of the house.

7 Famous People Who Became Famous Ghosts

Danny Gallagher

Death doesn't spell the end of your time in the spotlight. Sometimes it's just the beginning. Take Michael Jackson, for example.

Brain Game: We Are Driven

Here in metro Detroit, this weekend marks the massive Woodward Dream Cruise, where drivers of classic and unusual automobiles of all kinds cruise along Woodward Avenue - which was the nation's fi

Morning Cup of Links: Cancer Humor

Miss Cellania

A Malignant Melanoma Walks Into a Bar... Relatively young cancer patients are fighting back with their sense of humor.

Preview: Maker Faire Africa

Scott Allen

What happens when you put the drivers of ingenious concepts from Mali with those from Ghana and Kenya, and add resources to the mix?

8 Things You Need to Know About Lemurs!

Jill Harness

Lemurs are exceptionally strange creatures, with their huge, reflective eyes, long tails and somewhat human-like hands.