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The Late Movies: Churchill Speeches

Erica Palan

Meerkat Matriarchs Are Selfish Street Crossers

Matt Soniak

Why did the meerkat cross the road? To get to the other side. How did the meerkat cross the road? Like a chicken.

The Missing Links: The McHula Pineapple Burger That Almost Was

Colin Patrick

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Lost in Transit: 5 Unseen Parts of NYC's Subway System

Bryan Dugan

First opened on October 27, 1904, the New York City Subway System now has more than 400 stations over the course of 842 miles of track.

13 Life-Changing (or not) Flowcharts

Miss Cellania

The Earliest Electric Vehicle Adopters: Women in Corsets

Kristen Hall-Geisler

Electric vehicles are getting a lot of press these days.

Nail Clipping in Space

Chris Higgins

What's the Difference between Churches, Chapels, and Cathedrals?

Roma Panganiban

For every world religion, there is a place to worship. For Christianity, there are a confusing variety of names for these places, which are frequently—but incorrectly—used interchangeably.

It's T-Shirt Tuesday!

Erin McCarthy

The Late Movies: Animals and iPads

How to Get Past A Lock

Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis runs the popular daily newsletter Now I Know ("Learn Something New Every Day, By Email"). We've invited him to share some of his stories on mental_floss this week.

Eerie and Hypnotic: Wave Pendulums

Chris Higgins

Breathtaking Nature Footage ... Taken from a Drone

The Week

Remote-control aerial photography is here. Are we ready?