Tuesday Turnip


Tuesday Turnip


Super Anthems


Super Anthems


Friday Happy Hour: What's in Your Wallet?

Jason English


Brain Game: Slacker Sales

I'm fairly certain that this is my first attempt at a 5x5x5 logic puzzle. Since this is unchartered territory for me, please be gentle but frank with your comments. Thanks!

Morning Cup of Links: Turtle Anatomy

Miss Cellania

Vanity Fair takes an in-depth look at pearls, the only precious gem manufactured by living beings.

The Late Movies: Dancing, Star Wars-style

Eric Johnson

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, no one had ever heard of a little movie called Star Wars.

E.O. Wilson - Lord of the Ants

Chris Higgins

Did you know you can watch full episodes of NOVA, PBS's science show, for free on YouTube? Yeah, it was news to me too.

The Perfect Chair for Goldilocks

Mangesh Hattikudur

If Goldilocks went furniture shopping, I'm guessing this seat would feel just right.

Unbreakable: Sole Survivors of Tragic Plane Crashes

Kara Kovalchik

The horrifying crash of Air France flight 447 was still all too fresh in everyone's mind when Yemenia Airways flight 626 plunged into the Indian Ocean.

The Quick 10: Attack of the Killer Fruit

Stacy Conradt

Today is the anniversary that Zachary Taylor died, just a year into his term and a few days after the Fourth of July festivities that may have been his undoing. The culprit? A bowl of cherries.

How Does the Treadmill Know How Many Calories I've Burned?

Matt Soniak

How do they measure the calorie content of food? When you lose weight, where does it go?

Lunchtime Quiz: Must See TV

Jason Plautz

With Jay Leno filling NBC's 10:00 time slot every night next season, the days of Must See TV are almost certainly over. How much do you remember of NBC's previous Thursday night domination?

Top 10 Baseball Player Rituals

David K. Israel

I tend to be a little superstitious. For instance, when I make changes to my files, I'll use normal, ascending nomenclature for each consecutive draft (e.g.

7 "Flying" Animals (besides bugs, birds, and bats)

Miss Cellania

The only animals that can truly fly are birds, insects, and one type of mammal, which is of course the bat.

Brain Game: Can I Buy a Vowel?

We received some fun entries for possible future puzzles for the Brain Game, but we could use more. If you have one, please send it to me at

Morning Cup of Links: Disaster Porn

Miss Cellania

14 Basic Skills All Men Should Possess. I am assuming they mean "men" as in mankind, since these are skills all women should have as well. * The story of prisoner F95488.

19 Unusual Sports Injuries (Including 'Too Much GameBoy')

Ethan Trex

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Ryan Dempster just hit the disabled list with a fractured big right toe he suffered while trying to hurdle the dugout railing to go celebrate a Cubs win.