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Not Your Parents' Action Figures

Miss Cellania

Action figures began with Habro's introduction of G.I. Joe in 1964. Since then, they've become associated with the marketing of TV, film, and comic book characters.

Lectures for a New Year: The Last Lecture, First

Chris Higgins

For the month of January I'll bring you one lecture every (week)day, touching on exciting topics such as: science, literature, history, art, design, ecology, neurology, computers, and a grab-bag

This Is a Food

Ethan Trex

Image credit: Evan-Amos According to Post Cereals, you'll love Fruity Pebbles Treats "because of their unexpected wholesomeness." More from mental_floss... This Is a Blue Lobster

Is it Possible to Have a Two-Way Conversation With a Severed Head?

Sandy and Kara

Call us morbid, but we've always wondered whether a decapitated head can still see for any length of time after being severed.

Brain Game: Three Signs

The mentalfloss.com Brain Game welcomes you to 2012 with a new Tuesday Test Time challenge.

Morning Cup of Links: Drunk Octopus Texts

Miss Cellania

Buff Your Brain!

Determining Migratory Patterns of Early Humans — With Earwax!

Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis runs the popular daily newsletter Now I Know (“Learn Something New Every Day, By Email”). To subscribe to his daily email, click

15 Memorable mental_floss Moments of 2011

Jason English

A lot of exciting things happened in the mental_floss universe in 2011. Here are the 15 we could remember. 1. We Helped Solve a Back to the Future

Morning Cup of Links: Rise of the Apes

Miss Cellania

The Year in Weird: The 10 Most Insane News Stories of 2011. Including the prurient and tragic stories not found in our roundup. * The worst political gaffes of 2011.

The Stories Behind 11 More Classic Album Covers

Bill DeMain

Last month, Bill DeMain took us behind the scenes for 11 iconic album covers. Today he's back with 11 more. 1. Satan Is Real (1960) The Louvin Brothers Design by Ira

100-Year-Old Color Photos of Pre-Revolution Russia

Jill Harness

If you've ever wondered what Russia looked like shortly before the revolution but aren't satisfied with black and white photos, you owe Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii a debt of thanks.

Weekend Links: Samurai Star Wars

Allison Keene

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2012.

Butt Detectors: Coming to a Car Near You

Jill Harness

Apparently butt prints left on car seats are like finger prints.

7 Famous New Year's Babies

Jill Harness

It’s been said that it's good luck to be born on New Year’s Day.

Why Does the New Year Start on January 1?

Matt Soniak

Oleksiy Mark / Shutterstock.com Way back when, the Romans had a god named Janus. He was the god of doors and gates and had two faces — one looking forward and one looking back.