The Top 10 US Pizza Chains

Chris Higgins

Chuck E. Cheese's is in the top 10. Who knew?

15 Heartfelt Facts About 'Sleepless in Seattle'

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You don't want to be in love. You want to be in love with these movie facts.

America's Quick Rise From Pizza-Ignorant to Pizza-Obsessed

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In twelve years, pizza went from intriguing foreign dish to American cultural staple.

Secret Pizza Party! (or How to Write the Best Kids' Book)

Mangesh Hattikudur

Secret #1: Get your narrator in cahoots with the reader.

Want Pizza...from Your Toaster?

Chris Higgins

This 1999 commercial takes pizza too far.

Rose Totino, Patron Genius of Frozen Pizza

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Say a thanks for Rose. Frozen pizza used to taste terrible. Then this sweetly badass nonna fixed it.

The Chuck E. Cheese/ShowBiz Pizza Robot Wars

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Before Chuck E. Cheese was officially a mouse, he was a rat. And the backstabbing around him was epic.

What Did I Just Watch? Sea Star Attacks Explained

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They look so mellow, but they're pretty ruthless hunters.

10 Ridged Facts About Acrocanthosaurus

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This intimidating predator would look great on the big screen. Ahem, Steven Spielberg...

Communicate With Others Through a Thought-Controlled Robot

Sonia Weiser

Watch a Swirling Vortex on the Texas-Oklahoma Border

Caitlin Schneider

Record-breaking rainfall has caused historic water levels in Lake Texoma, so authorities have decided to drain it, causing swirling whirlpool that looks like something out of a movie.

Who Invented Deep Dish Pizza?

Rebecca OConnell

"It's an enigma, wrapped in a pie crust. Every day, it feels a little more lost to history," -Jeff Ruby, co-author of Everybody Loves Pizza.

6 Famous Jingles by Barry Manilow

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Even if you're not a Fanilow, you've almost certainly gotten some of Barry Manilow's handiwork stuck in your head.

Realtime Photo Gallery Lets You Keep Up With This Week's Northern Lights

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Massive solar storms caused a rare Northern Lights show that could be seen as far south as Texas.

Britain is Getting a Grilled Cheese Subscription Service

Hayley Harding

British grilled cheese lovers rejoice: Soon, you may need to go no further than your mailbox for a delicious sandwich.