A Word About Our Newsletter (Also: Dog Pics!)

Jason English

In last week's newsletter, I mentioned that I'd been unable to take a photo of office dog Leo, the most popular employee in our Ohio retail store. Well, I finally got one, paparazzi-style.

4 Secret Subways Hiding Underground

Rob Lammle

It seems impossible to think that a city could have an underground rail system that most people don't even know about.

Cab Driver Returns $21,000 Left in Cab

Jill Harness

If you found $21,000, would you keep the cash? Few people in this world are as honest or kind as Mukul Asadujjaman, a New York taxicab driver who is working his way through medical school.

Brain Game: Double D

Find as many words as you can that are (1) exactly five letters in length and (2) begin and end with the letter "D." If you can come up with 10 or more, you've won today's Bra

The Most Depressing Day of the Year

Ransom Riggs

According to a UK firm that tracks employee absenteeism, the most depressing day of this year -- coined Blue Monday -- was January 18, two days ago.

Morning Cup of Links: Fartists

Miss Cellania

Charting the Beatles, an exploration of Beatles music through infographics. I look at these and think of the days and weeks of data-crunching, sore eyes, and Mountain Dew that went into the project.

The Quick 10: 10 Television Firsts

Stacy Conradt

Today marks the anniversary of the day Lucy Ricardo gave birth to Little Ricky on national T.V.

Not-So-Famous Firsts: Who Was the First Stewardess?

Kara Kovalchik

Editor's Note: Last fall, Kara Kovalchik wrote a story titled '8 Not-So-Famous Firsts,' which covered such topics as the first auto insurance policy and the first wet t-shirt contest.

Tim Burton's VINCENT, a Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe and Vincent Price

Chris Higgins

Today in 1809, Edgar Allan Poe was born.

The Origins of 9 Charities Named After People

Ethan Trex

We often write their names on the "Pay to the Order of" lines of our donation checks, but how well do we know the inspiring people behind some of our favorite charities and foundations?

Tonight on PBS: NOVA - Riddles of the Sphinx

Chris Higgins

So what's the story with the Great Sphinx? Who built it, when, and why? And what happened to its nose?

6 More Cannibal Killers

Miss Cellania

In comparison to the worldwide murder rate, cases of cannibalism are rare, but they stand out because of the horror they instill in the rest of us.

Should You Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them?

Ransom Riggs

I rarely if ever wash new clothes before wearing them, even though dear old mom always told me I should.

Brain Game: Workin' Four to Nine

By changing one letter at a time to form new English words, and leaving all other letters in their original positions, convert the word FOUR into the word NINE in eight (or fewer) steps.

Disgustingly Helpful Medical Advances

Jill Harness

Did you know parasitic gut worms may help prevent you from developing allergies? Or that the fluid excreted from maggots might actually be helpful in keeping your wounds clean?