Pencil Art


Pencil Art


8 Bookstore Cats

Miss Cellania

Just as library cats enjoy the attention they get from people who love books, bookstore cats get the same treatment.

Why Sisters Are Scientifically Better Than Brothers (and Other Important Discoveries)

Meghan Holohan

If you're keeping tabs on the score between robots and humans, you've probably heard about the robot named Adam who made a scientific discovery back in April without any human assistance.

Brain Game: McLanderstone's Offer

McLanderstone & Associates is an odd place to work. Old Man McLanderstone was once a high-school teacher, and he likes to quiz and challenge his employees as if they were his students.

Wave, Hello!

David K. Israel

E-mail, as you know, was invented in the early 1960s, and, of course, was designed to mimic snail mail.

Morning Cup of Links: Atlas Obscura

Miss Cellania

Atlas Obscura is a "A Compendium of This Age's Wonders, Curiosities and Esoterica." Users are invited to suggest odd places and add to information about existing entries.

How Did You Know Daniel Wilson?

David K. Israel

I'm happy to announce a winner to our last How Did You Know? 5-day trivia hunt.

The Late Movies: Talking Heads

Chris Higgins

I worship David Byrne, the lanky Scot frontman of Talking Heads. He's a sort of lyrical god to me. If he told me to do something, you know what? I'd do it.

The 5pm Quiz: Fairy Tales

Brett Savage

Fairy tales and fables have been around for centuries, but do you remember who wrote which tale? See if you can guess the author of some of the most popular fairy tales and fables ever created.

Is Racism Statistically Predictable?

Chris Higgins

I've mentioned statistician Nate Silver before (How Nate Silver Predicted Obama's Win; Nate Silver's Oscar Predictions, Reviewed).

The Quick 10: 10 Presidential Firsts

Stacy Conradt

On June 7, 1892, Benjamin Harrison became the first President of the United States to ever attend a baseball game.

mental_floss on CNN

Jason English

Embedded video from CNN Video Reggie Aqui and Melissa Long had me back to talk about a couple semi-uplifting stories.

Bob Dylan: Culture Hero or Copyright Thief?

Ransom Riggs

I went to an interesting talk last night with author Lewis Hyde and the former head of the NEA, Bill Ivey, who's something of a crusader against what he sees as an increasing corporate strangleho

Dietribes: Do You Know the Muffin, Man?

Allison Keene

"¢ Possibly derived from the Love German "muffe" or the Old French "moflet," this "soft tender," "little cake" lives up to its storied origins.

If You Work at a Radio Station...

Jason English

Yesterday we received a few emails about a radio station in Boston that was holding a "Discontinued Ben & Jerry's Flavor or MySpace Band?" contest.

Computer Geek? Nerd? Dweeb? What was your clique?

David K. Israel

I recently came to the conclusion that entire population can be divided into two groups: Category A - the people who think high school is/was the be-all end-all, who lament graduation day, and Categor