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Smashing a 10,648-Magnet Cube

Chris Higgins

The Missing Links: The Seat of Your Pants

Colin Patrick

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

15 Hidden Gems in New York City

Exo Turns Crickets Into Protein Bars

Hannah Keyser

Where Does Language Come From?

the mag Lucas Reilly

Can Your Eyes Beat These Optical Illusions?

Alvin Ward

Morning Cup of Links: Tiny Cars

Rebecca OConnell

5 Questions: Unclothed

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15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About 'Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist'

Sean Hutchinson

You remember being scared by the original The Exorcist, but you may not have known these stories about its terrifying prequel.

Grunting Helps Tennis Players Play Better

the mag

12 Highlights From Flying First Class on the World's Swankiest Airlines

Nick Greene

Live vicariously.

The Missing Links: Returning Home?

Colin Patrick

Did You Know? 25 Tidbits from Vintage Cigarette Cards

Rebecca OConnell

50 More Awesome Facts (About Everything)

From National Geographic Kids’ new book '5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything) 2.'