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What’s Killing All the Frogs?

Andrew LaSane

Nearly 200 species of frogs have gone extinct since the 1970s. Hundreds more may be at risk.

The Darwin Tank Lets You Keep Jellyfish at Home

Rebecca OConnell

A new Kickstarter campaign wants you to bring home a tank full of jellyfish.

Pop Culture Syllabus: Muppets

the mag

Whether you're a man or a Muppet, this pop culture homework will serve you well.

Meet Japan's First Female Photojournalist

Kirstin Fawcett

At 101 years old, Tsuneko Sasamoto is still going strong.

10 Intoxicating Facts About Edgar Degas's ‘L'Absinthe’

Kristy Puchko

You might know French Impressionist Edgar Degas for his paintings and sculptures of delicate dancers.

5 Questions: Cat Ballou

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How Many Cities Can Fit Into Houston?

Shaunacy Ferro

How sprawling Southern cities compare to other metropolises

9 Real Stops On Christopher Columbus’s Voyages

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue … and totally missed his mark. His journey may not have gone exactly as planned, but there were some interesting detours along the way.

The Cute, Dancing Robot Smartphone of the Near Future

Andrew LaSane

RoBoHon wants to be your phone and your friend.

Spend the Night in Paris's Bone-Filled Catacombs

Erin McCarthy

Lodging website Airbnb isn’t hurting for unusual accommodations, but none of them have the spook factor of its latest listing.

WWI Centennial: Central Powers Invade Serbia

Erik Sass

See What the India-Pakistan Border Looks Like From Space

Caitlin Schneider

The powerful security lights on the international border create an orange line so bright, it can be seen from the International Space Station.

A Venomous Snail Might Someday Help You Sleep

Shaunacy Ferro

A new study finds that peptides from marine snail venom helps mice snooze.

880-foot Megatsunami Slammed an Island off West Africa 73,000 Years Ago

Kirstin Fawcett

The giant wave was so powerful that it dislodged boulders from the island's shores and swept them onto its mainland.

‘Harry Potter’ Fans Are Leaving Socks at This Encased Dobby Display

Michele Debczak

Hermione would be proud.