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The Weasel With Plans for the Future

Jill Harness

If you're unfamiliar with the rather otter-esque weasel above, allow me to introduce you to the tayra.

Pop-Up Books For The Adult Reader

Jill Harness

Pop-up books traditionally only belong in the kid's realm of the bookstore, but not all titles are so easily shelved away.

Sex & Death in the Afternoon: An Oral History of the American Soap Opera

the mag

Here's a special sneak peek at the September-October issue of mental_floss magazine. Click here to get a risk-free issue! by Lisa

The Late Movies: Guess the Theme XVIII

Mark Arminio

It's time once again for GUESS THE THURSDAY NIGHT THEME. The clips below all have something in common...leave your best guesses in the comments section.

What Do They Call Earthquakes on Other Planets?

Matt Soniak

I completely missed out on Tuesday's earthquake. I was riding public transportation in Philadelphia and uncontrollable shaking is to be expected.

8 Movie Cliches Illustrated

David K. Israel

Hollywood is formulaic, as you all know. The three-act structure is so tried and true, few movies risk venturing out into untried territory.

Questions Our Writers Send Me Via Text #2

Jason English

Every now and again, a fellow _flosser texts me a question I just can't answer—either because I don't know the answer, or because of the medium's draconian character limit.

A Mathemusician Explains How Sound Works

Chris Higgins

Self-proclaimed "recreational mathemusician" Vi Hart has posted an excellent short film explaining the science and mathematics of sound, frequency, and pitch.

The Origins of Weird State Park Names (Part Three)

Miss Cellania

When you see these names, you tend to say to yourself, "Does that mean what it sounds like?" In most cases, no.

Brain Game: Brain Buckets

We're ready for some football here on Think Thursday.

Morning Cup of Links: Jobs Resigns

Miss Cellania

Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple yesterday.

What Monkeys Can Teach You About Money

the mag

This is a special sneak peek at the September-October issue of mental_floss magazine. Click here to get a risk-free issue! by Allen St.

The Late Movies: "Billie Jean" Twelve Ways

Chris Higgins

When I came across an amazing* acoustic cover of Michael Jackon's "Billie Jean" performed by Chris Cornell (of Soundgarden and Audioslave), I thought it would be fun to locate a dozen v

How to Swear Like a Librarian

Miss Kathleen

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books.

Astronauts Goofing Around

Chris Higgins

Here's a fun way to spend four minutes: watch astronauts explain explain the little details of life aboard the Space Shuttle.