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Facebook Will Test "Yay," "Haha," "Sad" Buttons

Shaunacy Ferro

The company is going to start offering more than just a "like" or "dislike" option for some users.

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Roman Mosaic in Tuscan Village

Anna Green

The mosaics date back to the fourth and fifth centuries

Watch a Brief History of Pee in Chemistry

Kate Horowitz

Medieval alchemists were obsessed with gold—and anything gold-colored.

16 Out-of-this-World Facts About 'Roswell'

Roger Cormier

Like a high school version of 'The X-Files,' the series developed a large cult following during its three-season run.

Why Do Prunes Make You Poop?

Kate Horowitz

A closer look at America’s most maligned fruit.

This Proposed Superhighway Would Let You Drive From New York to London

Kirstin Fawcett

Russian officials have proposed a massive road that would connect three continents.

9 Linguistic ‘Ignorantisms’ Even Sticklers Got Used To

Arika Okrent

Not even the strictest sticklers seem to care anymore.

Look Up Tonight! The Draconid Meteor Shower Is Here

Shaunacy Ferro

Earth is passing through the orbit of Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner this week.

Watch This Surrealism-Inspired Nature Documentary From the 1960s

Anna Green

"Science is Fiction"

A Smart Fridge That Tells You When to Buy More Beer

Andrew LaSane

A beer fridge that syncs with your smartphone.

Skip Baggage Fees By Becoming a Traveling Advertisement

Rebecca OConnell

Your suitcase can pay its own fare now.

Hypoallergenic? Organic? 8 Product Terms That Don't Mean Much

Janet Burns

Despite regulation by the U.S.

14 Weird Kit Kat Flavors You Can Actually Buy

Rebecca OConnell

While some of the more intriguing flavors like peach and red bean soup will have to remain a mystery to our American taste buds, Amazon has a fairly large collection of flavors you can actually try.

Disney’s Coloring Book App Makes 2D Drawings Three-Dimensional

Michele Debczak

Watch kids' colors and patterns come to life on 3D characters.

5 Questions: The Aristocats

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