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Studies Show Babies Understand Skype

Anna Green

Studies show tech savvy babies differentiate between TV and Skype.

Channel Your Inner Jedi at a Singapore Lightsaber Academy

Caitlin Schneider

Because you'll need more than the power of the force if you ever get in a battle with a Sith Lord.

6 of the Least Presidential Words Used in the Second GOP Debate

Arika Okrent

Here, courtesy of Vocabulary.com, are six of the least presidential words used in last night’s debate.

Rembrandt Painted a Masterpiece Over a Failed Self Portrait

Andrew LaSane

Even the masters need a do-over every now and again.

Photographer Snaps Pic of a Seal Surfing on a Whale's Back

Rebecca OConnell

It was a classic case of being in the right place at the right time.

A 19th-Century Log Cabin Was Discovered Inside a Texas Home's Walls

Kirstin Fawcett

The structure is thought to be one of the oldest original buildings in North Texas.

15 Critical Facts About 'ER'

Roger Cormier

A 20-year-old script from the author of 'Jurassic Park' led to the creation of one of the longest-running dramas in TV history.

15 Industrious Facts About Ants

Shaunacy Ferro

Though they be but little, they are fierce. (Also: smart, resourceful, and clean.)

Why Do Dogs Play Fetch?

Caitlin Schneider

It's in their DNA.

Photographer Captures the Beauty of Rest Stops Along American Highways

Rebecca OConnell

Photographer Ryann Ford wants to capture these rest stops before they disappear completely.

See the Web of Undersea Cables That Power the Internet

Caitlin Schneider

How does information on the World Wide Web travel internationally? Under the ocean.

19 Cromulent Words You Can Still Adopt for a Good Cause

Arika Okrent

Wordnik is an online interactive dictionary with a mission to include every English word—and for $25, you can adopt a word.

The First Foldable Smartphone Could Be Coming in January

Michele Debczak

Hold the phone: the old school mobile devices may be making a comeback.

Why Washington Relinquished His Power, And Why He Returned

David W Brown

“For Washington,” writes Edward Larson in The Return of George Washington, “retirement made sense.”

Facebook Is Developing Virtual Reality That Lets You Play Ping Pong in Space

Michele Debczak

Facebook has been tinkering with virtual reality, and it sounds like they're enjoying themselves.