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A Poet Edited Shakespeare's Plays to Give Them Happy Endings

Mental Floss Studios

Can the works of Shakespeare be improved upon? Nahum Tate certainly thought so.

5 Questions: Feel the "Burn"

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How People Get Hurt in All 50 States

Shaunacy Ferro

Look out for animals in Missouri.

7 Things You Should Know About Budgeting on an Entry-Level Salary

Presented by Prudential.

5 of Abraham Lincoln’s Favorite Foods

Mark Mancini

Bacon and oysters and gingerbread men, oh my!

Relax, Listening to 10 Rumbling Hours of an Arctic Ship

Chris Higgins

Hello, new work background sound!

The Strange Logic of the Strawberry Squid’s Lopsided Eyes

Kate Horowitz

Researchers say each of the pink squid’s eyes serves a different function down in the dark depths.

15 People Who Have Won at Least 15 Grammys

Erika Berlin

It takes a long time to rack up so many golden gramophones.

Libraries Across the Country Are Dumping Late Fees

Michele Debczak

Rather than promoting anarchy, it's boosting circulation.

The Secret Code Hiding in 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'

Mental Floss Studios

As Lemony Snicket fans know, the fictional author is fond of hiding secret messages throughout his books. Is there a code lurking within the new Netflix series, too?

How Many Combinations Are Possible Using 6 LEGO Bricks?

Chris Higgins

Running the computer program to calculate it took a week.

The Origins of Charles Darwin’s Strangest Discoveries

Anna Green

New studies revelead the identity of some of Darwin's discoveries—the descriptions of which have long baffled scientists

10 Weird Planetary Phenomena Discovered by Amateur Astronomers

David W Brown

Some seriously stellar discoveries have been made by at-home stargazers.

This Week's Best Amazon Deals You Can Still Get

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...

15 Prized Facts About 'Best in Show'

Roger Cormier

Eugene Levy wasn't sure how to make a dog show funny. He and Christopher Guest clearly figured it out.