Pod City: 9 Celebrities You May Not Realize Have Podcasts

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Here are a few lesser-known shows hosted by some big (and not-so-big...) celebs.

The Weird Week in Review

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Odd news stories from all over.

The Tinder of Leftovers Can Help Decrease Food Waste

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Instead of throwing out your leftovers, give them to a potential new friend.

11 “Healthy” Foods That Are Actually No Good

How NASA and Ridley Scott Collaborated to Make 'The Martian'

Erin McCarthy

After a moment of disbelief ("I said, 'The Ridley Scott?!’"), James Green, director of NASA’s Planetary Sciences Division, didn’t hesitate. “I said, ‘Yes! I’ll clear my calendar!’”

10 Beefy Facts About Lion’s Choice

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This chain is small but mighty in the roast beef kingdom.

Dothraki Creator Has New Guide to Art of Language Invention

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If you are a budding language inventor now thinking “yikes! What’s an ergative language?” Peterson has written the book for you.

The Treehouse Bars of Paris

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Guinguettes de Robinson were Parisians' favorite way to spend a summer evening.

How Kooky Pop Songs Made Parry Gripp an Internet Sensation

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His album boasts an impressive 50 tracks with titles like “You’ve Got to Have Faith (In Your Antiperspirant)” and “You Ain’t Never Drank No Soda Like This One Here.”

Morning Cup of Links: 'Night of the Living Dead' Family Tree

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Links for a great Friday!

17 Clear-Eyed, Full-Hearted Facts About 'Friday Night Lights'

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Before it was a series, it was a movie. And before it was a movie, it was a book.

Why Do We Take Coffee Breaks?

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How timeouts for the humble caffeinated beverage became a workplace mainstay.

Artists’ Studios Recreated as Miniature Sculptures

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Artist Joe Fig has replicated the work spaces of contemporary artists in striking detail.

See the 12 Stages of a Hero's Journey in Lovely Animation

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It starts and ends with Frodo, but on this well-trodden path, there are a lot of familiar faces in between.