Strange States

The Oregon Boot

Strange States

The Oregon Boot


Weekend Links: How to Send a Message in a Bottle

Roma Panganiban

9 Creative Alternatives to the Business Card

Therese Oneill The Week

Name the Cities From Huey Lewis's "Heart of Rock 'n' Roll"

11 Dapper Facts About the Masters’ Green Jacket

Alvin Ward

They may not be the height of fashion, but the green jacket Augusta National awards to the winner of the Masters tournament is one of sports’ most revered prizes.

This Sunday: 'Silicon Valley,' Season 2

Chris Higgins

Tragedy, comedy, money troubles, and more female characters. Tune in Sunday night.

The 1000-Mile Hike That Shaped the National Park Service

the mag

When an accident robbed John Muir of his sight, he gained a vision that shaped the National Park Service.

Get Your Honey From a Tap

Caitlin Schneider

With over a week of fundraising time left, a new beekeeping technology called the “Flow Hive” is already the most successful Indiegogo campaign in history.

Lurid Lucy and Other Statues from Movies and TV

Miss Cellania

The bronze statue of Lucille Ball in her hometown is in the news this week. It's not the only municipal statue with a story behind it.

Oil Paintings Have a Case of the Blues

Sonia Weiser

Art is getting more blue—literally.

10 of the Nicest and Nastiest Superman Analogues

Mark Peters

The Mystery of the Green Children of Woolpit

Caitlin Schneider

10 Stars Who Appeared on 'The O.C.' Before They Were Famous

Garin Pirnia

Over the course of four seasons, 'The O.C.' turned its cast of young stars into household names and welcomed plenty of other celebrities (and celebrities-in-the-making) into the mix.

Louis de Wohl, the Astrologer Who Was Hired By MI5

Paul Anthony Jones

12 Things You Didn't Know About 'The Thinker'

Kristy Puchko

The Missing Links: If the Earth Stopped Spinning

Colin Patrick