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Go Inside an Intensely Detailed 'Minecraft' Version of Downtown Chicago

Shaunacy Ferro

The virtual version of the city took years to complete.

How One Artist Is Using Mirrors to Create Perception-Shifting 'Infinity Boxes'

Michele Debczak

After 25 years in computer graphics, Matt Elson wanted to make art people could connect to.

Thieves Nab More Than $2.5 Million Worth of Rare Books in London Heist

Jake Rossen

The criminals rappelled down from a ceiling to swipe one-of-a-kind volumes from Galileo and Leonardo da Vinci.

15 Surprising Actors Who Could’ve Played James Bond

Matthew Jackson

Dick Van Dyke as 007? It could have happened.

Pavilion Made From Recycled Shipping Pallets Was Built to Resemble Ruins

Michele Debczak

More than 1200 pallets were salvaged to build the structure.

12 Secrets of Greeting Card Designers

Jake Rossen

There's a reason they don't like using faces.

Clever Strainer Gets Rid of Food Debris Without You Having to Touch It

Rebecca OConnell


Morning Cup of Links: No Stairway! Denied!

Miss Cellania

Great links for great websurfers!

This Ship Did Not Throw Away Its Shot

Mental Floss Studios

In 1784, a small Dutch ship called the Dolfijn discovered that you can accomplish a lot with a single shot—even if you are outgunned and outmanned.

'Netflix Cheating' Is Common—And It's On The Rise

Kirstin Fawcett

Affairs aren't always physical. Sometimes, they involve a remote control.

11 Weapons That Won World War II

Jay Serafino

Whether through the skies or on the ground, these weapons helped the Allies win World War II.

5 Questions: Spilled "Milk"

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Everyone on Earth Could Live in a Single Building—In Theory

Shaunacy Ferro

It would need to be 4400 feet tall, though.

The Romantic Reason Ulysses S. Grant Didn’t Want His Wife to Get Cosmetic Surgery

Nick Greene

When her husband was elected president, Julia Grant considered having cosmetic surgery—but Ulysses urged her not to. Here's why.

5 Times Scientists Played Animal Matchmakers

Kate Horowitz

Sometimes Cupid needs a little push.