The Number of the Day: 13

Colin Patrick

Friggatriskaidekaphobia (or paraskevidekatriaphobia) is the name for the fear of Friday the 13th.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children: Prologue and Chapter One

Ransom Riggs

I've been dropping not-so-subtle hints about my upcoming YA novel for weeks now, but the day is finally here when I can share a little of it!

5 Things You Didn't Know About John Candy

Ethan Trex

The world hasn't been quite as funny since we lost John Candy in 1994.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Man Jailed for Tortilla Dough Antonio Hernandez Carranza drove from Carson, California, to visit his sister in Johnson City, Tennessee. He missed an exit and ended up in Asheville, North Carolina.

Brain Game: The Two Spirals

I strive to use original creations whenever possible for the Brain Game, but occasionally, I stumble upon an old challenge - often a visual one - that's worthy of reintroduction.

Morning Cup of Links: Zombie Awareness

Miss Cellania

The Library of Congress has an extensive online collection of historic sound recordings going back over 100 years called National Jukebox.

The Quick 10: 10 Things Yogi Berra Actually Said

Stacy Conradt

Lawrence Peter Berra - you likely know him better as Yogi - is 86 today.

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme IV

Mark Arminio

It's Thursday night, which means that it is time for everyone's favorite game: GUESS THE THEME!

Strange Geographies: The Accidental Sea

Ransom Riggs

Today's Strange Geographies post revisits a place I've been several times before -- the Salton Sea.

Explaining SPF (And Why Sunscreen Should Be Measured by the Shot)

Ethan Trex

As the spring heats up, more and more of us will be slathering on sunscreen before heading outside to enjoy the weather. What SPF should we look for? And what does that number actually mean, anyway?

What Does the Q in Q-Tips Stand For?

Jason English

If you followed @mental_floss on Twitter, you'd know.

This Tetris Documentary Will Rock You

Chris Higgins

So I'll go ahead and assume you're aware of King of Kong, the videogame documentary that chronicles an epic struggle to dominate the game of Donkey Kong.

Graduation Special: All Shirts $14.90!

Mangesh & Jason

Ditch the boring graduation robes this season and step out in style. This week, mental_floss t-shirts are just $14.90!

Create Your Own Unit of Measurement (And Win!)

Jason English

© Joe Giron/Corbis We recently discussed a few unusual units of measurement, including the Wheaton (500,000 Twitter followers) and the milliHelen (the quantity of beauty required to launch a single

The Buttered Cat Paradox

Miss Cellania

Buttered toast always lands butter-side-down. A cat always lands on its feet. What would happen if you attached toast to a cat's back, butter side out?