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Pocket pets


Brain Game: Math Square #3

Readers requested a more difficult Math Square challenge, so we reduced the "free" numbers in this puzzle from two to only one.

Morning Cup of Links: Man Caves

Miss Cellania

The recruitment, training, deployment, and finally the homecoming of an American soldier. Ian Fisher was followed and photographed for 27 months to complete the entire story.

The Late Movies: 10 Elliott Smith Songs

Chris Higgins

In honor of today's post on the Elliott Smith documentary Strange Parallel, here's a collection of Elliot Smith playing some of his best songs. Smith died on October 21, 2003, at age 34.

Documentaries I Like: Strange Parallel (Elliott Smith)

Chris Higgins

I'm a little shocked that I've gone so many years being an Elliott Smith fan, and living in Portland (where it is contractually obligated that you be an Elliott Smith fan), but had never hea

The Quick 10: 10 Really Bizarre Soap Opera Plots

Stacy Conradt

I don't watch soap operas these days, but every now and then I hear about a particularly strange event in Salem or Port Charles.

Worth More Dead Than Alive: 5 Famous Grave Robberies

Rob Lammle

After Michael Jackson passed away, his family decided to bury him inside Forest Lawn Memorial Park, a private, gated cemetery where many musicians, actors, and other celebrities are buried.

Dietribes: Water Water Everywhere! Part Two

Allison Keene

For those of you whose thirst wasn't quenched with the last Dietribes, here's another round of water facts for you to paddle, wade, swim or float through: "¢ Worried about drinking y

xkcd: the exclusive interview

David K. Israel

A fan of Randall Munroe's brilliant webcomic xkcd?

Brain Game: Deliriously Raw

Thanks for trying today's puzzle. In this age of the Internet, devout fans often refer to multi-word titles of albums, films, and TV shows by their abbreviations.

Morning Cup of Links: Housekeeping Cats

Miss Cellania

You can get a taste for what it was like to live through historical moments by watching converted film footage, news reports, historic speeches, sports coverage, and even famous musical performances w

Dirty Campaigning in the Roaring Twenties: Hoover vs. Smith

Joseph Cummins

One year ago today, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. If you thought last year's campaign was dirty, Joseph Cummins, author of Anything for a Vote, has a story for you.

The Quick 10: If 10 Fast Food Joints Had Stuck With the Original Plan...

Stacy Conradt

Ben & Jerry's Bagels? Sonic Steakhouse? Be glad that some of our favorite quick-service places evolved into what they are today.

Was There Really a Granny Smith? 9 Fruit & Veggie Origins

Ethan Trex

The other night my parents were having a discussion about the origins of the name of Fordhook lima beans—apparently their empty-nest existence is not quite as thrilling as I'd suspected

Win some free downloads at Wolfgang's Vault!

David K. Israel

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about and promised you a chance to win a couple free downloads.

Put This On: Denim

Chris Higgins

Today I bring you a new "web series about dressing like a grownup" presented by Jesse Thorn of The Sound of Young America (a public radio show that's generally awesome) and Adam Lisagor