New App Designed to Help the Colorblind

Hayley Harding

Red Stripe is a program designed to help those who have red-green colorblindness.

There Is a Crowdfunding Campaign for a Greek Bailout

Rebecca OConnell

One especially generous supporter will be rewarded with his or her own Greek island.

Free Wi-Fi for New Yorkers Is Around the Corner—Literally

Hayley Harding

New Yorkers looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot soon won't have to look further than the nearest phone booth—or at least what used to be a phone booth.

A Great Appetizer Can Make Your Dinner Taste Worse, Study Says

Shaunacy Ferro

Eat a lousy appetizer if you want to really enjoy your main course, according to a depressing new study.

LEGO Pieces Will Become Sustainable by 2030

Sonia Weiser

More than 60 billion LEGO pieces were produced in 2014 alone. It takes more than 6000 tons of plastic each year to make that many bricks.

Scientists Create 3D Laser Holograms That Are Safe To Touch

Hannah Keyser

13 Early Criticisms, Doubts, and Disses About the iPhone

Nick Greene

Most technology experts knew the iPhone was going to be a hit—here are some who didn't.

The Missing Links: The Tape Measure Master

Colin Patrick

What Happens When Your Mind’s Eye Goes Blind?

Roma Panganiban

Though it has long been considered a given that all humans possess the capacity for visual imagination, recent research suggests that's not true.

'Feeling No Pain' Is Really Bad For You—and It's Genetic

Yael L. Maxwell

A new study finds more genetic mutations that explain chronic insensitivity to pain.

10 Houses Painted in Protest

Virginia C McGuire

Spiteful paint jobs are a common way for people to get back at strict city ordinances, historical commissions, homeowners' associations, bigoted neighbors and even banks.

Name the Current U.S. Supreme Court Justices

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Watch Fireworks Like an Expert This Weekend

Elephants Observed Yawning for the First Time

Shaunacy Ferro

But we still don't know if their yawns are contagious.

13 Comedies With Humorous Scenes After the End Credits

Colin Patrick

In some comedies, the funny business doesn’t end with “The End.”