Brain Game: Drive My Car (Again)

Today's Friday Free-for-all is a sequel to our Brain Game from July 13, 2010.

Morning Cup of Links: MacRecipes

Miss Cellania

Over 50 and Out of Work, a site I can't even read because it's so scary. These folks are spending their retirement savings on groceries and might never find jobs again.

The Late Movies: Guess the Theme V

Mark Arminio

It's late on Thursday, meaning it's time once again for everyone's favorite game: GUESS THE THEME. All the clips below have something in common.

How Teddy Roosevelt Ended Up With Abe Lincoln’s Hair

Stacy Conradt

John Hay, Lincoln’s private secretary and assistant, was as devastated as the rest of the nation when his friend was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in 1865.

The Sun-pocalypse That Wasn't

Ransom Riggs

Remember all those movies from the turn of the millennium where a giant comet or asteroid plummets toward Earth and threatens to destroy life as we know it?

Nyan Cat: Covering the Web in Cute

Miss Cellania

Like most memes, you've either seen it everywhere you go on the internet, or you are totally unaware of it -until now.

The Loneliest Plant on Earth

Jill Harness

Encephalartos woodii is the plant equivalent of Lonesome George, the world's last remaining giant Galapagos tortoise.

Brain Game: I Can't Drive 45

We've been putting the final touches on the next issue of mental_floss magazine (our July/August issue), so I haven't had time to put together a Really, Really Bad Rebus for the Brain Game f

Morning Cup of Links: Spam and Veggies

Miss Cellania

What It's Like to Get a Breast Reduction, a major step that made a major difference in one young woman's life. One illustration is NSFW.

The Late Movies: Incredible Rallies

Colin Patrick

Roger Federer & Lleyton Hewitt go back and forth seemingly forever in this unbelievable tennis

Napoleon VS. Napoleon

David K. Israel

Epic Rap Battle time! Who do you think would win in a match between Napoleon Bonaparte and Napoleon Dynamite?

Lincoln Logs' Famous Inventor - and How Much He Sold Out For

Stacy Conradt

You can probably deduce who John Lloyd Wright’s famous dad was.

Your Camping Equipment's Fascinating History

Rob Lammle

Now that spring has sprung, you might be planning a weekend camping trip with your family or friends.

What Aphrodisiacs Actually Work?

Meghan Holohan

When Aztec emperor Montezuma wanted to set the mood for a special lady, he ate fistfuls of cacao beans.

At the Libraries: Book Covers That Didn't Get Used

Miss Kathleen

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books.