5 Questions: "Seed" Spitting

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9 Old-Fashioned Ways to Climb the Social Ladder

Before reality television or Instagram fame were around to catapult people up the social ladder, here are the often-extreme measures would-be socialites had to resort to.

15 'Star Wars' Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit

Rudie Obias

The people at Lucasfilm traveled to locations around the world in order to bring the "galaxy far, far away" to life.

Today Will Be One Second Longer Than Usual

Hannah Keyser

Plan accordingly.

Japanese Mourn Loss of Feline Stationmaster

Hayley Harding

Best Friends Build Own Private Neighborhood to Be Together Forever

Roma Panganiban

Four close-knit couples in Texas came up with a clever way to live together while maintaining their independence.

Guinness World Records Says Goodbye to the Tallest Cow Ever

Sonia Weiser

Do You Know What's Inside a Golf Ball?

Yelena Melnichenko

Even though golf balls look the same on the outside, it's what's underneath those dimpled shells that may surprise you.

WWI Centennial: New Offensive on Eastern Front, First Battle of the Isonzo

Erik Sass

How Do Parrots Mimic?

Shaunacy Ferro

Parrots have a unique brain region that may be the key to their uncanny talent for mimicry.

12 Things You Might Not Know About 'Fiddler on the Roof'

Mark Mancini

The sun never seems to set on this timeless musical about Tevye and his "laughing through tears" humor.

New App Designed to Help the Colorblind

Hayley Harding

Red Stripe is a program designed to help those who have red-green colorblindness.

There Is a Crowdfunding Campaign for a Greek Bailout

Rebecca OConnell

One especially generous supporter will be rewarded with his or her own Greek island.

Free Wi-Fi for New Yorkers Is Around the Corner—Literally

Hayley Harding

New Yorkers looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot soon won't have to look further than the nearest phone booth—or at least what used to be a phone booth.

A Great Appetizer Can Make Your Dinner Taste Worse, Study Says

Shaunacy Ferro

Eat a lousy appetizer if you want to really enjoy your main course, according to a depressing new study.