What Should I Cover at Comic Con?

Jill Harness

One of the best things about being a freelance writer in San Diego is getting to cover Comic Con every year.

Brain Game: City to City

Sprint Nextel is headquartered in the city of Overland Park, which is the second-most-populous city in the state of Kansas.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

One-armed Monkey Kills 80 Chickens Li Chun, farmer in Menghai, Yunnan, China found an injured monkey and adopted it, although the monkey had to have an arm and a leg amputated.

Morning Cup of Links: Mojoceratops

Miss Cellania

Japanese artist maps 1945-1998's nuclear explosions.

The Number of the Day: 598,050

Will Treece

As of yesterday, "Licensed and localized editions of Monopoly" is Wikipedia's longest article, at 598,050 bytes.

The Historic Roots of 7 Styles of Brew

Ethan Trex

You don't have to put too much thought into a beer to be able to enjoy it, but that doesn't mean a little bit of history can't make things more interesting.

The Late Movies: Looking to the Future

Mark Arminio

The future holds such wonder and promise, such inspiration and hope at what we, as humans, can accomplish. Tonight for the Late Movies, we look at a few of these inventions.

The Quick 10: For Whom the Liberty Bell Tolls

Stacy Conradt

Legend has it that on July 8, 1776, the Liberty Bell rang out to summon Philadelphians to hear the first official reading of the Declaration of Independence.

The 12 Most Popular mental_floss Stories of 2010

Jason English

The pageviews have been counted! With six months in the books, here are the 12 most popular stories of the year (so far). 12.

Super Mario Bros Speedrun on Top of a Building

Chris Higgins

Here's someone playing a Super Mario Bros "speedrun" (running through the entire game as quickly as possible), but the video of the speedrun has been composited onto the wall of a real-

10 Things You Need to Know about Indian Reservation Gambling

David K. Israel

I'm planning a trip back East and will be hitting my first Indian Reservation casino, which got me thinking: I know nothing about their history at all!

World Record Garden Produce

Miss Cellania

I picked the very first ripe tomato from my garden yesterday. It wasn't even big enough to cover a sandwich with a slice. There are much larger green tomatoes that will, whenever they ripen.

A Message for Bookstore Owners, Proprietors of Toy Stores, and People Who Run Those Mall Kiosks That Sell Games

Jason English

This is a special message for bookstore owners, proprietors of toy stores, and people who run those mall kiosks that sell board games and calendars—I need to pick your

Castles Made by People Without Castle-Making Experience

Jill Harness

Just because you don't know anything about construction and haven't gotten any permits doesn't mean you can't build your own castle.

Brain Game: My Caffeine Fix

I have a routine every morning... I go to Seattle's Best at my local Borders to get a cup of coffee, and upon receiving it, I say thanks.