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12 Stripped-Down Facts About ‘Showgirls’

Garin Pirnia

What would Jessie Spano say?

Archaeologists Discover Tomb in Pompeii Predating Vesuvius Eruption by 400 Years

Jen Pinkowski

She was buried with more than a dozen decorated vases.

Watch the First-Ever Horror Movies Made Just for Apes

Anna Green

Comparative psychologist Fumihiro Kano and his collaborator Satoshi Hirata are using the movies to study long-term memory in apes.

This Interactive Game Shows What Your Brain Looks Like When You're Anxious

Shaunacy Ferro

Neurotic Neurons shows how signals bounce around the brain, helping us learn and unlearn anxious responses.

What's on the Other Side of the World?

Rebecca OConnell

You can't actually dig to China.

The 13-Year-Old Who Invented a LEGO Braille Printer

Anna Green

The LEGO printer will help make Braille more accessible.

6 Audacious Efforts to Save Endangered Rhinos

Shaunacy Ferro

Drones, armed guards, and international relocation are helping to protect rhinos from poachers.

Jeopardy-Style Movie Quote Quiz

Take the quiz!

When Washington, D.C. Gave the Pope a Truly Rocky Reception

Christopher Klein

In 1855, D.C. residents were anything but thrilled with a gift from the pope.

Giant Megaphones Built In Estonian Forest Amplify the Sounds of Nature

Olivia Harrison

If you would like to do some meditating or relaxing, a forest clearing is a good place to go. A group of students in Estonia took that idea and amplified it, literally.

UK Subway Riders Share Their Commute With Crabs

Olivia Harrison

#PizzaRat isn't the only animal having trouble on a metro line.

10 Electrifying Facts for Michael Faraday's Birthday

Mark Mancini

This world-changing genius was born into poverty on September 22, 1791.

We're All Mispronouncing Mount Everest's Name

Simon Brew

Colonel Sir George Everest gave his name, if not the pronunciation of it, to Mount Everest.

How Hitler's Volkswagen Beetle Conquered America

Jake Rossen

In the 1960s, the ugly little car became an international phenomenon—and changed advertising forever.

A Geographically Accurate Map of the London Underground

Shaunacy Ferro

After a Freedom of Information request, London's transportation authority finally created a Tube map that shows the actual distance between stops.