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We Got Nominated for Some Webbys—and We Need Your Help!

Erin McCarthy

Morning Cup of Links: The Cringeworthy History of Dentistry

Miss Cellania

What is the Universal Language of the Skies?

Kara Kovalchik

In 2001, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) determined that English would, from then on, be the standardized language of air travel, and issued a directive that stated that all aviat

3 Awesome Translations From This Sign Language Rap Battle on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Arika Okrent

Holly Maniatty, Joann Benfield, Amber Galloway Gallego are American Sign Language interpreters who have worked concerts for some of the biggest names in rap.

5 Questions: Kick Me Sign

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6 Traits Humans Inherited From Fish

What’s so fishy about human anatomy? A lot! Just look at these gifts from our aquatic ancestors.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Triceratops

Mark Mancini

Dinosaurs are still with us. They’ve stomped, chomped, and roared their way into our movies, our museums, and our imaginations. So let’s get ready to dig a little deeper.

Extreme Engineering: The Challenges of Building a Colony on Mars

David W Brown

In this series, mental_floss will examine the engineering problems associated with humanity’s most extreme endeavors, from mining asteroids to colonizing the ocean, and explain how engineers plan to s

7 Great Places with Horrifying Names

Miss Cellania

The Missing Links: Super Mario In the Real World

Colin Patrick

10 Baseball Hall-of-Famers Who Had Weird Off-Season Jobs

Jake Seiner

In the days before it was routine to sign contracts worth the GDP of a small country, baseball players often had to put down their bat and gloves during the off-season and earn some extra scratch away

11 Fun Word Lists to Drill Your Vocabulary On

Arika Okrent

You can customize by choosing particular word lists to work on, and while many of the lists are organized around sober, practical topics—SAT prep, current events, historical documents, great books—the

See Rare Video of a Giant Oarfish Swimming

Erin McCarthy

Giant Oarfish usually live between 650 feet and 3000 feet, which means that people rarely get a chance to see them with their own eyes.

The Beautiful Creepy Crawlies Hidden in Pond Water

Chris Higgins

Brain Game: Math Square #227

Sandy Wood