Tuesday Turnip


Tuesday Turnip


Morning Cup of Links: Airline Security or Child Porn?

Miss Cellania

Fark's top 20 headlines of the year, with special category winners in the first comment.

The Quick 10: Babies on the Brain

Stacy Conradt

Because my husband and I are expecting our first little _flosser, you might say I've had babies on the brain lately.

Oscar the Grouch Used to Be Orange

Jason English

One thing I learned watching the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street DVD: Oscar the Grouch was originally orange. Jim Henson decided to make him green before the second season of Sesame Street.

Time for Another Photo Challenge

Jason English

Last month, our readers marched into the online archives of Presidential libraries and marched out with the best photos.

Is Your Child a Dandelion or an Orchid?

Chris Higgins

An article in the December 2009 issue of The Atlantic poses a fascinating scientific question: do some children's genes give them a greater risk of failure, but also a greater chance for success

9 Lost and Found Airplanes

Miss Cellania

You might think that an airplane would be a pretty difficult object to lose, but there are still large areas of wilderness on our planet where planes can be hidden for decades.

Brain Game: When to Stand Out

Don't hesitate to write or comment with suggestions for the weekdaily Brain Game offering. Should we do a math square every day? More riddles? Fewer rebuses?

Morning Cup of Links: Darwin Awards

Miss Cellania

The 2009 Darwin Award winners have been announced. "The Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool...

The Late Movies: Guitar Virtuosos

Ransom Riggs

This is by no means a complete list -- instead, it's a collection of videos of my favorite guitarists doing their mind-bending thing, whether that be shredding, flatpicking, fingerpicking, playin

10 Unusual College Scholarships for 2010

Kara Kovalchik

Much like Alice (of Wonderland fame), the cost of higher education continues to grow and grow and grow.

What Really Motivates Us

Chris Higgins

In the late 1980's, Dan Pink made a terrible mistake: he went to law school. He didn't fare well, graduating in the bottom 10% of his class.

The Quick 10: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Isaac Newton

Stacy Conradt

Happy Birthday to Isaac Newton (sort of"¦ skip to #5 for the scoop on that)! Although he's been a household name since his time, there's more to Isaac than meets the apple.

Got an idea for a mental_floss t-shirt?

Mangesh & Jason

If you've been sitting on a great t-shirt slogan, now's your chance to turn it into cash.

What's new?

David K. Israel

My junior year of college I worked as a spy. At the age of 21, I liked to refer to myself as The Youngest Spy in the World. There was no real way of knowing if this was true. There was no Google.

What Do Blind People See?

Jill Harness

Boing Boing's Science Question From a Toddler series is fascinating because it provides surprisingly detailed answers to seemingly obvious questions.