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Alan Adler, Aerobie and AeroPress Inventor

Chris Higgins

Watch the AeroPress inventor show off his "lazy" AeroPress technique...and explain the right way to throw an Aerobie ring.

6 Underground Facts About Robert Crumb

Janet Burns

The sometimes controversial—but never boring—cartoonist turns 72 years old today.

The Psychological Benefits of Having a Childhood Best Friend

Anna Green

A recent study explores what makes childhood best friends "the best."

Remembering Oliver Sacks

Chris Higgins

The author of "Awakenings" and "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" died today. Let's celebrate him.

11 Fireball Facts about 'Contra'

Ryan Lambie

The hit run-and-gun game borrowed heavily from American action films and a major Central American revolution.

80 Minutes of '80s and '90s TV Commercials

Chris Higgins

Sweatin' to the Oldies, Doublemint gum twins, Radio Shack, and zillions of 800 numbers.

The Stories Behind 15 Celebrity Stage Names

Ethan Trex

Albert Brooks is brilliantly funny, but he may not have made it as far in show business with his birth name: Albert Einstein.

Batgirl Demands Equal Pay for Women in This 1973 PSA

Shaunacy Ferro

“I’m paid less than Robin!”

Watch the Short Film That Launched Vin Diesel's Career

Anna Green

Before he was a movie star, Vin Diesel was a struggling actor and indie filmmaker

The World's Largest Collection of Lunch Boxes

Chris Higgins

Is your old lunch box in this museum?

UCLA Uses a High-Tech Sandbox to Teach Topography

Abbey Stone

Researchers at UCLA have turned an ordinary playground sandbox into a powerful (and fun!) research tool.

Around the World, Olive Trees Are In Trouble

Roma Panganiban

Europe has recently been plagued by flies, flooding, drought, and bacterial infestation.

Microsoft's Ultra-Awkward 'Windows 7 House Party' Video

Chris Higgins

Microsoft felt the need to train people on how to conduct a party in their own homes.

12 Dusty Facts About 'Unforgiven'

Eric D Snider

It took 16 tries in the director's chair for Clint Eastwood to finally get some Oscar love.

Words That Rhyme With 'Stressed'

Take the quiz!