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The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Steve Martin!

Erica Palan

Steve Martin, a Texas native who worked his way from writing comedy for The Smothers Brothers to becoming an accomplished and award-winning actor, comedian, musician and writer, turns 67 today.

Embrace the Remix

Chris Higgins

In this ten-minute video, Kirby Ferguson explains how the basic elements of a "remix" are actually the core parts of all creative work.

The Missing Links: "F-Bomb" Is Now in the Dictionary

Colin Patrick

Where in the F-Bomb Did the Term ‘F-Bomb’ Come From? Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary added "f-bomb" to its collection of words that are words.

The Belgian Plan to Give Beer to Schoolchildren

Julia Davis

In 2001, Belgian schools waged a new front in the war against childhood obesity.

9 Intriguing Excerpts From Old FBI Files

Lucas Reilly

Under J. Edgar Hoover, everybody who was anybody had an FBI file. Here are some interesting things we found while poking around their archives.

10 Photos of Celebrities Jumping for History's Most Persuasive Photographer

Anna Gay

You may be familiar with the iconic Philippe Halsman image of Salvador Dali in mid-air with flying cats, disembodied arms, and floating furniture.

Brain Game: Nice Grades!

You'll have to take a mental trip across the United States to come up with the answers to today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge.

4 Ridiculous Space Accidents (Where Everyone Survived)

Kathy Benjamin

From wolves to lightning strikes, even the most well-planned space flights are often plagued by ridiculous accidents. Sometimes lots of them all in a row.

Morning Cup of Links: The LEGO Story

Andréa Fernandes

Miss Cellania is on vacation, so I’ll be filling in this week.

11 Songs Inspired by Literature

Stacy Conradt

Devo and Thomas Pynchon. Mick Jagger and Charles Baudelaire.

11 Supersized Sandwiches Over 1100 Calories

Julia Davis

The supersized sandwich is the crown jewel of American dining -- served everywhere from four-star restaurants to your local greasy spoon. But not all sammys are created equal.

The Late Movies: 11 Close Encounters with Sharks

Andréa Fernandes

Last night marked the start of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. The annual summer event is celebrating its 25th anniversary and is broadcast in more than 72 countries.

11 Pop Culture References Younger Readers Won't Get

Kara Kovalchik

If someone is described as meaner than Simon Cowell or a bigger lush than Snooki, you probably understand the reference. But will anyone get those same jokes in 30 years?

11 Strange Things You Might Put In Your Gas Tank

Jason Plautz

With gas prices continuing to jump up and down, there's increasing attention on finding viable alternative fuels.

11 Geeky Couples Portraits We Love

Jill Harness

We’ve featured geeky wedding photos and geeky family photos before. Here's more geek love! 1. Come to the Dark Side (We Have