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The Pixar Theory, Illustrated

Chris Higgins

The Missing Links: The Scientifically Best Way to Kiss

Colin Patrick

French Fries Around the World

Miss Cellania

5 Famous Cocktails With Wartime Origins

Beth Ford Roth

If "war is hell," then it's no surprise it helped inspire a multitude of mixed drinks to ease the diabolical consequences of combat.

How an Awesomesauce New Suffix Came to Be

Arika Okrent

Sauce has come a long way from its original noun meaning, passing through idiom, to adjective, to adjective-forming suffix. Still, it has kept in touch with its roots.

What Should I Do If I’m About to Get Struck by Lightning?

Lucas Reilly the mag

10 Things You Might Not Have Known About Truman Capote

Kate Erbland

7 Superhero Tricks for the Novice Parent

Here’s how to lifehack past the troublesome bits, so you can concentrate on the cute.

5 Questions: Jet Royalty?

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WWI Centennial: The Siege of Antwerp

Erik Sass

The Missing Links: A Desk For the Active Worker

Colin Patrick

10 Biggest Simpsons Family Milestones in Chronological Order

Max Evry

Where Does the Dollar Sign Come From?

Alvin Ward

In this week's episode of The Big Question, Craig Benzine talks $$$.

10 Coffee Facts From the Amazing Fact Generator

Jason English

Today is National Coffee Day!

Disney's 1945 "ABC Of Hand Tools"

Chris Higgins