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Celebrity Surprises at Comic Con

Jill Harness

One of the reasons the San Diego Comic Con has emerged as the largest comic book convention in the world lies in the simple fact that we happen to be exceptionally close to Hollywood.

The Late Movies: Music Video Cameos

Mark Arminio

It's no secret that a lot of musicians want to be actors and a lot of actors want to be musicians.

The Quick 9: 9 Board Game Odds

Stacy Conradt

We're kind of board game freaks in my house. Well, I am, and I sort of force it on everyone else. The thing is"¦ I'm not that good at board games.

Teaching a Robot to Flip Pancakes

Chris Higgins

So let's say you want to teach a robot arm how to flip pancakes. Robots aren't known for their pancake-flipping abilities.

Shanghai: 1990 & 2010

Colin Patrick

I thought Shanghai had long been a sprawling metropolis. But this image, published on Gizmodo, proves otherwise.

Gifts for the Geek Home

Miss Cellania

A home should be an expression of who you are.

Who Is World Wide Wes?

Bud Shaw

A 2007 GQ Magazine article on 45-year-old William Wesley asked, "Is this the most powerful man in sports?" That's a stretch.

Tell us about your best-ever roadtrip

Ransom Riggs

Maybe it's just that we're coming into the dog-days of summer and I haven't lit out on the road yet, but I've had road trips on the brain lately.

Today's Book Giveaway: Oddly Titled Biographies

Jason English

August is a great month for free reading material. As I mentioned yesterday, we'll be giving away a new book each weekday.

Brain Game: Go

Thanks for playing the Thursday Brain Game.

The Number of the Day: 77

Will Treece

There are 77 local chapters of Beard Team USA.

Morning Cup of Links: Squids, Sharks, and Wild Cats

Miss Cellania

A scientist takes a closer look at the 1873 battle between a fisherman and a giant squid. There's even a photograph or two! * Samurai Wars.

Why Are So Many Asteroids Named For Celebrities?

Ethan Trex

You know the names of our solar system's planets, but you might not have realized that hundreds of asteroids and minor planets also revolve around the sun, and many of them are named after celebr

The Late Movies: On Top of Mountains

Chris Higgins

What do you do when you get to the top of a mountain? Take a good look around, congratulate your buddies, and...shoot a video.

At the Libraries: Your Weekly Round-Up

Miss Kathleen

Every week, Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of library-related items. If there's something fun going on in your local library, leave us a