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5 Questions: Mickey Rooney

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17 Movies Based on Magazine and Newspaper Articles (And Where To Read Them)

Rudie Obias

When it comes to adapting stories for the big screen, novels and comic books aren't the only things to get love from Hollywood.

Watch These Big Cats Unravel Toilet Paper

Erin McCarthy

In many ways, big cats are just like their domestic counterparts: They like boxes. They go totally nuts for catnip.

10 Weird and Wonderful Bird Nests

Joy Lanzendorfer

It’s spring, and baby birds will soon be chirping in trees and rain gutters. But not all bird nests are created equal.

The Missing Links: Digging For E.T.

Colin Patrick

Why Some Baseball Records Will Never Be Broken (And Which Ones Might)

Hannah Keyser

Brain Game: I'm Free!

Sandy Wood

7 Priceless Items People Sold on eBay

Mark Mancini

Once in a blue moon, something truly invaluable will find itself being bid over on the world’s largest garage sale.

25 Amazing Facts for National Beer Day

Jason English

Today is National Beer Day! Celebrate with a little beer history.

Can People Shower or Swim With Electronic House Arrest Ankle Monitors?

Nick Greene

5 Questions: Sorry, Charlie

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Q&A: Troy Miller, Director of the Hulu Series Deadbeat

Erin McCarthy

Miller's latest series, Deadbeat, follows hapless medium Kevin Pacalioglu as he helps ghosts while trying (and failing) to get his own life together; Hulu will drop its first season on April 9.

A No-Spoilers Review of Tonight's "Game of Thrones" Premiere

Chris Higgins

Jaime Lannister has a new haircut!

11 of Bill Murray's Greatest Letterman Appearances

Sean Hutchinson

Way back in 1982, Bill Murray was the first guest on Late Night with David Letterman—beginning a tradition of absurdly hilarious appearances from Murray that continues to this day.

Michigan State Offers a Course on How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Nick Greene

Our institutions of higher education are finally teaching students things they'll actually need in the real world.