Brain Game: Back Next Week!


After a nasty, nasty bug that left me stranded out-of-town (and about 14 lbs. trimmer) I’m feeling a bit better. A return home today will help, so the Brain Game will return on Monday in full-force.

The Weird Week in Review


One-armed Legless Man Beats Nurse A male nurse is off work with his knee in a brace after being attacked by a disabled man he was caring for.

The Under-Ice Hunters of Kangiqsujuaq


According to the BBC website, Human Planet is “an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping landmark series that marvels at mankind’s incredible relationship with nature in the world today.” I previ

Morning Cup of Links: Legends and Illusions


“Wet Houses” are hospices for alcoholics, where they can drink themselves to death. If you don’t want to quit drinking, at least you’ll find a bed and safety from street violence.

The Quick 10: 10 Leaders Who Stuttered


You’ve probably heard about The King’s Speech, the Oscar contender about King George VI and his struggle against his stutter.

The Late Movies: Geeky Tributes!


Geeks, nerds and dorks attend! Tonight for The Late Movies are a spattering of geeky tributes for your enjoyment. Know of a few others?

Stop: Stammer Time!

Chris Higgins

I haven’t seen The King’s Speech yet, but this rap video makes me want to run to the theater.

10 Strange and Wonderful Plush Toys

Miss Cellania

There should probably be a rule #34 for toys: “If it exists, someone will make a plush doll of it.” In a couple of previous posts, we found roadkill, monsters, germs, food, and internet memes rendered

Morning Cup of Links: Microbots


The day when we will use microbots to perform surgery from the inside of the body is getting closer. Scientists have figured out how to steer them with electricity.

The Late Movies: Ken Jennings

Chris Higgins

Although I’m writing this post before Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter take on their final round against Watson, I thought y’all would enjoy a look back at Jennings’s famed 74-episode winning streak on Je

The Quick 10: 10 Flash Mobs I Wish I Had Been In On


I love flash mobs. Love them. I know they might be a nuisance to some, but something about total strangers banding together to bust out into seemingly random dance and/or song just makes me smile.

The 5pm Quiz: Mr. Bond, Meet Mr. President


James Bond has done ample traveling in most of his films, including several trips to the United States.

The Beatles: 1000 Years Later

Chris Higgins

How will historians look back at the Beatles in a thousand years? This brief video shows one possible outcome.

Morning Cup of Links: the Real Lois Lane


What’s the difference between animals we can domesticate and animals we can’t?

The Late Movies: Rocky and Bullwinkle


I’m not the kind of person who typically cares about crappy movie remakes of formerly popular TV shows. But the 2000 release of The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle irked me.