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Queen Marie of Romania's Heart Will Find a New Home

Bess Lovejoy

In November, it will be moved from museum storage to the castle where she died in 1938.

Study Finds We Can Feel Embarrassed Even When No One's Watching

Anna Green

Science confirms we're our own worst critics.

WWI Centennial: Disaster At Loos

Erik Sass

The Mobile Private Island for Aspiring Supervillans

Michele Debczak

Features include waterfalls, an outdoor cinema, and a shark-feeding station.

Non-Profit Organization Recreates Magazine Covers With Shelter Dogs to Help Them Get Adopted

Rebecca OConnell

Transforming shelter dogs into cover models is as fashionable as it sounds.

Fidget More, Live Longer, a New Study Finds

Kate Horowitz

A new British study shows that even little movements can help reduce mortality.

Archaeologists Discover 7-Pound Calcified Uterus in British Cemetery

Megan Gannon

It's the largest such mass ever found by archaeologists: “I’ve never seen anything quite like that before, nor have my colleagues, and we were very excited."

Russia Exhumes the Remains of the Last Tsar and Tsarina, Nearly a Century After Their Deaths

Kirstin Fawcett

The Russian Orthodox Church wants to conduct additional tests on Romanov family remains before declaring them holy relics.

"Thirsty" Concrete Soaks Up 880 Gallons of Water a Minute

Caitlin Schneider

The proof is in the pavement.

Artists Create 1000-Year-Long GIF

Shaunacy Ferro

Will GIFs still be around in 3017? And more importantly, will we still be arguing about how to pronounce GIF?

11 Perfectamundo Phrases from 'Happy Days'

Angela Tung


Cops Help Children Settle Debate: Do Sirens Go 'Nee-Nah' or 'Woo-Woo'?

Nick Greene

Police offered an apology to residents of a quiet neighborhood after officers conducted a loud—but important—investigation.

Jeopardy-Style Movie Quote Quiz II

Take the quiz!

Multitasking Can Help Make Your Workout More Effective

Michele Debczak

Participants pedaled 25 percent faster on a stationary bike when given simple mental tasks to complete.

7 Things You Need to Know About National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

Kate Horowitz

The government wants to set your drugs on fire.