The Late Movies: Ira Glass on Storytelling

Erica Palan

Ira Glass, award-winning host of This American Life and sage to all nerdy literate types, knows how to tell a good story.

What the Sun-Maid Raisin Girl Really Looked Like

Jason English

Have you ever torn open a box of raisins and wondered whether the girl on the packaging was real? (Don't all raise your hands at once.) Well, she was real.

The Quick 10: 10 Places You Don't Want to Swim

Adrienne Crezo

With the high temperatures lately, my neighbor has made a habit of taking midday dips in the kiddie pool in her backyard.

The Last Three Ties in Stanley Cup Finals History

Scott Allen

If Boston wins at home tonight, the Stanley Cup Finals will head back to Canada for a deciding Game 7. If Vancouver wins, the Canucks will clinch their first Stanley Cup in three tries.

Forget Your Password: Typing Rhythm and Computer Security

Meghan Holohan

Patricia Loring, a research associate at Carnegie Mellon University, presses tiny blue dots on my fingers and the back of my hand. She tells me to adjust the keyboard as she maneuvers three webcams.

Brain Game: Math Square #78

A brand new Monday Math Square is the challenge in today's Brain Game. Enjoy! The nine white squares inside the main red grid should be filled with the digits 1 through 9.

Morning Cup of Links: Storytellers, Young and Old

Miss Cellania

In 1958, authors Raymond Chandler and Ian Fleming sat down for a conversation recorded by the BBC. It's 25 minutes long, but a treasure for literary thriller fans.

10 Peanuts Characters You’ve Probably Forgotten

Rob Lammle

Everyone knows Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus. But do you recall these less-celebrated members of the Peanuts gang?

Weekend Links: Type Like a Movie Hacker

Allison Keene

You know how in Hollywood people just bang on a keyboard and suddenly they've broken into a top secret database?

Weekend Links: A 329 Year Old Grocery List

Allison Keene

From Alice comes a link that is, in her words, "Awesome! Epic! Legendary! The stuff of teenage nightmares!" and she is certainly correct, especially the last part.

The Late Movies: Sesame Street International

Miss Cellania

All over the world, little children learn their letters, numbers, and bad jokes watching the Muppets on their local version of Sesame Street.

The [adjective] History of Mad Libs

Stacy Conradt

Leonard Stern, the [adjective] creator of Mad Libs, the wacky fill-in-the-word game we all [past-tense verb] as kids, died this week at the age of [number]. OK, I’ll give you that one: he was 88.

The Quick 10: The Unbelievable Early Jobs of 10 Successful People

Michael Pope

As the saying goes, "Everybody's gotta start somewhere," but during these trying times, many people are simply looking to start.

Chinese Cows That Produce Human Breast Milk

Ransom Riggs

Along with my post from a few weeks ago about Chinese ghost malls, file this under "weird stories from China." (Maybe I'll start calling them Strange Chinographies?) While the US is gr

Jack Horner on Dinosaurs, Chickens, and Dino-Chickens (!)

Chris Higgins

Remember Jack Horner, the paleontologist who inspired a character in Jurassic Park (Dr. Alan Grant) and who was a technical consultant on the film? Of course you do.