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7 Presidential Facts About Martin Van Buren

Benjamin Lampkin

2. He was the first American-born president.

Get A Real-Life Look at Famous Filming Locations via Google Street View

Roma Panganiban

A Tumblr is connecting movie fans with famous filming locations.

Pauly Shore Hosted a '90s Fest

Chris Higgins

Too soon?

This is What Computer Viruses Looked Like in the 1990s

Anna Green

They'd crash your computer, and look cool doing it

Scientists Are Exploiting Sharks' "Sixth Sense" to Keep Them From Getting Caught

Michele Debczak

Sharks' sensitivity to electromagnetic fields could help steer them clear of fishing vessels.

12 Enlightening Facts About 'His Dark Materials'

Jeff Wells

This modern retelling of 'Paradise Lost' has weathered its fair share of critics.

The Time Australia Accidentally Overran Itself With Toads

Chris Higgins

Humans have a long history of clever ideas that go horribly wrong.

16 Steely Facts About 'Zoolander'

Roger Cormier

11. Blue Steel originated from Ben Stiller's own mirror routine.

Blast Through the Solar System With This Educational Video Game

Shaunacy Ferro

Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System is designed to teach kids about space through trivia games.

What's a 'Wheelhouse' and Why is Something in Mine?

Chris Higgins

It's all about boats. And baseball.

Why Is This Stamp Worth $9.5 Million?

Kirstin Fawcett

Now on display at the Smithsonian, the British Guiana One-Cent Magenta has a crazy and colorful past.

11 Presidential Campaign Slogans That Went Beyond Buzzwords

These days it seems like every campaign slogan is just a series of political buzzwords. But it wasn't always this way.

Blotting Pizza With a Napkin Really Does Cut Down on Calories

Roma Panganiban

A little grease goes a long way.

Paul Simon Sings 'Me and Julio' on 'Sesame Street'

Chris Higgins