Why We Write


Why We Write


Brain Game: Dragnet

It's Friday. I work here.

Morning Cup of Links: Teddy Bear Traffic

Miss Cellania

A tragedy is caught on video and public curiosity inevitably follows.

The Late Movies: Rube Goldberg Rocks

Mark Arminio

A Rube Goldberg machine performs a simple task in a complex fashion and there have been some amazing ones (we wrote about the life of Rube Goldberg last year).

Big 4 Teams Central Time Zone

The Quick 10: 10 Odd Celebrity Lawsuits

Stacy Conradt

Have you heard about this ridiculous Lindsay Lohan lawsuit? In case you haven't, it's below at number one. It's a bit silly, at least in my non-lawyerly opinion.

11 (Extra) Special Collections in University Libraries

Ethan Trex

Usually when we head to the library, we're looking for something relatively mundane, like a common book or a periodical.

TED Talk: How I Fell in Love with a Fish

Chris Higgins

"I've known a lot of fish in my life.

One Man's Quest to Colonize the Sea

Ransom Riggs

Another fascinating short documentary from, The Aquatic Life of Dennis Chamberland takes us to a place I've blogged about here before, Jules' Undersea Lodge, a "hotel&quo

7 Retail Weddings

Miss Cellania

The most traditional places to get married are a religious facility, the government office that issues marriage licenses, a resort, or a home. I've been married in each.

The Problem with Internet Dating

David K. Israel

If you recall my post on Incredibly Specific Dating Sites (Darwin Dating is still the scariest!), I like to write about the subject.

Brain Game: It's Your Turn

Enjoy the Thursday Brain Game: Decipher the following five anagrams correctly, and you'll see that they all have something in common.

Want to Overthrow the Government? $5 Please

Jill Harness

Anyone who lives in South Carolina and considers themselves to be a subversive or terrorist is now legally required to register with the South Carolina Secretary of State for a $5 fee.

Morning Cup of Links: Misfortune Cookies

Miss Cellania

The Full Story Of How Facebook Was Founded. Someone stealing your idea can hurt but also pay off handsomely years down the road.

The Late Movies: Animals Drinking in Slow Motion

Chris Higgins

Call me weird, but I love a good slow motion video of an animal drinking. No, not booze -- just good old-fashioned water. There's something mesmerizing about watching this stuff.

What Does 'Kiwanis' Mean? The Stories Behind 4 Civic Groups

Rob Lammle

You've heard their names and seen their logos. You've probably watched them march in parades, donated money to one of their charities, or played on a Little League team they sponsored.