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Intensely Elaborate Papercraft From Mumbai That Will Brighten Up Your Desk

Rebecca OConnell

Sky Goodies provides paper art that you can fold into fun creations.

This Online Tool Shows You the True Size of Any Country

Michele Debczak

If you're still confused about which maps to trust, this tool will put things into perspective

13 Fascinating Facts About ‘The Thing’

James L Menzies

It took a while for audiences to warm up to John Carpenter's now-classic horror flick.

Why is the Sky Blue?

Jen Pinkowski

Kids ask a lot of questions. mental_floss has answers. Here's the next story in WHY?, our new science-based series for kids (and parents!).

This Robot Assassin Delivers Lethal Injections to Reef-Eating Starfish

Michele Debczak

Meet the Terminator of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Time Archaeologists Threw a Giant Party to Prove a Theory

Anna Green

In a recent "experimental archaeology" project, archaeologists partied like it was the Stone Age.

10 Star-Crossed Facts About 'West Side Story'

Mark Mancini

After this daring musical made its Big Apple debut in September 1957, critics reacted as if an atomic bomb had gone off over Manhattan.

The Missing Links: Recapping Colbert

Colin Patrick

What Were We Thinking? The Top 10 Most Dangerous Ads

While some faulty campaigns were merely the victims of evolving scientific knowledge, many blatantly ignored facts.

The World's Largest Hammock Is in New Jersey and It's Gigantic

Caitlin Schneider

The Garden State hammock can hold you, and about 170 of your friends.

Tiny Embroidered Patches Mingle With Iconic Shirt Logos

Rebecca OConnell

Your shirt's logo just got a lot more exciting.

33 Unusual Old Remedies

Alvin Ward

On this week's List Show, John Green discusses some of the weird ways people used to try to heal themselves.

14 Real Facts About Snapple

Jeff Wells

Fact #647: Its name is a portmanteau.

Malta's Megalithic Temples are Spectacular

Ashley M. Richter

A thousand years before Stonehenge, the Maltese were building some of the most epic monuments on the planet.