Have a Daughter? Get a Prenup!

Jill Harness

A new study shows that couples with first-born daughters are 5% more likely to divorce than those who don't, and the statistic shoots up to 10% in families who have three or more daughters. No

neatorama presents: HDYK? – {day 1}

David K. Israel

It's an all-new 5-day trivia hunt! Co-puzzle Master Josh Halbur and I are happy to bring you the next How Did You Know?

Japan's "Suicide Forest"

Ransom Riggs

It's perhaps the most obvious setting for a horror movie imaginable -- and it's real. And incredibly grim. There is a thick, in places nearly impenetrable forest around Mt.

What a Glorious Space to Dwell

Chris Higgins

Here's a catchy, simple song to brighten your Tuesday morning.

Mind-Blowing Time Lapse Video

Allison Keene

Timelapse Montage from Mike Flores on Vimeo. Have you ever had a dream where clouds or planets suddenly start moving rapidly through the sky?

9 of the Undead from Around the World

Miss Cellania

Many cultures have tales of the undead, zombies, vampires, and other creatures who rise from the grave to cause mischief among the living. Many will drink your blood or eat your flesh.

Brain Game: Tear Down the Wall!

Over the weekend, Kara and I attended a concert performance of The Wall by Pink Floyd's Roger Waters. It was a great show, as expected, and the experience warranted inclusion in a Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Extreme Hands

Miss Cellania

How to Manipulate People. Follow these directions exactly and you'll be just like my second husband. * The Million Dollar Question: Why Does the Web Love Cats?

The Number of the Day: 200 Million

Colin Patrick

In the 30+ years since Sony introduced the Walkman personal cassette unit, the company has sold more than 200 million of the devices.

The Late Movies: Halloween Pranks

Mario Marsicano

Halloween is almost here. Just remember, scaring people can be a dangerous business. Nice right

The Quick 10: The 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes

Stacy Conradt

Remember how much fun it was to get a new costume for Halloween? It was such a big decision.

7 Scary Monsters Some People Think Exist

Ethan Trex

With Halloween approaching you’ll be hearing lots about ridiculous fictional monsters like vampires and zombies. But what about the “real” monsters that may be skulking around the country undetected?

Neato New Fiction Blog

David K. Israel

I've launched a new Neatorama Sub-Blog today, BitLit. Bit, as in binary digits, Lit, as in literature!

Greatest Facts Contest: The Winners!

Mangesh & Jason

We've just been handed an envelope that contains the results of our Greatest Facts contest that coincided with the release of our new American History book. The winners are... 1) The U.S.

RIP, Sony Walkman

Chris Higgins

Last Friday, Sony announced the end of the Walkman Era -- a period that lasted more than three decades, defining the personal music listening experience for pretty much everyone in my generation (I wa