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Finals Week in Graphs and Charts

Miss Cellania

15 Things You Might Not Know About Frank Sinatra

Jens T Carstensen

Ol’ Blue Eyes, The Voice, The Chairman of the Board: Whatever you want to call him, today marks the 15th anniversary of his passing.

11 Nerdy Recipes from Books, Movies and TV

Mark Mancini

In recent years, the internet has revealed that there's no shortage of talented nerds out there with a flair for the culinary arts.

That Time Some Mental Patients Beat Cambridge’s Chess Team

Matt Soniak

How Would Carnies Rig "Tubs of Fun"?

Matt Soniak

Stunning NASA Video and Photos of Huge X-Class Solar Flares

Erin McCarthy

On May 12 and 13, two huge, powerful solar flares burst from an intensely active spot on the sun—and they're the most powerful flares of 2013 so far.

The Late Movies: Songs About Obsolete Technology

Erica Palan

11 TV Theme Songs That Tell the Back Story

Amanda Green

TV theme songs are an endangered species, growing shorter and less creative each year. Commercial breaks are longer than they used to be—about eight minutes per half hour of broadcast programming.

11 Unusually Shaped Coins

Jason Plautz

Sure, state quarters and presidential dollar coins may be fun. But for a truly unique coin, you need to think outside the box—or the circle, as it were—and come up with a truly original shape.

11 Patron Saints of Food, Drink, and Those Who Make Them

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

The Missing Links: The Best Email Auto Reply Ever

Colin Patrick

11 Things That Make You a Bad Driver

Kathy Benjamin

You might have passed your driving test with flying colors and never text while driving, but it turns out there are a lot more bizarre things that can affect how dangerous you are on the road.

11 Discontinued Beverages from Your Youth

Jennifer M Wood

Drink up the nostalgia!

15 Songs That Brought People Out of Comas

Stacy Conradt

The power of song!

11 Movies You Might Not Know Were Based On Comic Books

Rick Marshall

Sure, everyone knows Iron Man and Superman were comic-book heroes well before they made the jump to the big screen, but there's no shortage of movies out there with secret origins in the world of