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Young Traveler's Instagram Offers a Rare Look at Life in North Korea

Andrew LaSane

Tyler Pemberton, a Minneapolis native, took to Instagram to show off powerful images from his recent trip to Pyongyang.

7 Most Gorgeous Waterfalls in the World

Melting Ice in Yellowstone Reveals Ancient Artifacts

Anna Green

The artifacts range from a few hundred to several thousand years old

5 Questions: Bath & Body Works

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This 1-Minute Video Makes Understanding Trends Easy

Abbey Stone

Statistics can be confusing. This animation of a dog is here to help.

Seagulls in Namibia Are Attacking Baby Seals

Matt Soniak

Lots of beach-goers find seagulls annoying, but usually the only harm they do is snatching away poorly-guarded snacks.

10 Wild Facts About the (Now-Extinct) Tasmanian Tiger

Mark Mancini

New facts continue to emerge about the long-gone species from Down Under.

Classic Book Covers Come to Life With Subtle GIFs

Michele Debczak

These GIFs invite you to see classic covers in a whole new light.

Watch This Weatherman Casually Say 58-Letter-Long Welsh Town Name

Arika Okrent

Party at the White House! The Time the Roosevelts Threw a Toga Party

Caitlin Schneider

Presidents throw themed parties just like the rest of us—only with better costumes.

Developers Are Working On an App That Gets Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

Anna Green

Eat your greens and earn mobile game points.

In a Small Alaskan Town, Public Transit Barely Exists and Everyone Travels in Cabs

Hannah Keyser

In a tiny town in Alaska, taxis have all but replaced personal cars.

Waffle House Says It's Sold 1 Billion Waffles in 60 Years

Kirstin Fawcett

That's a staggering 16,666,667 waffles per year.

Intensely Elaborate Papercraft From Mumbai That Will Brighten Up Your Desk

Rebecca OConnell

Sky Goodies provides paper art that you can fold into fun creations.