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"Sea Monster" Raised From the Bottom of the Baltic

Caitlin Schneider

It has the ears of a lion and the mouth of a crocodile.

Doctors May Soon Prescribe Video Games for Mental Disorders

Janet Burns

The Project: EVO platform has ADHD, autism, and depression in its cross-hairs

13 Hard-Hitting Facts About 'American Gladiators'

Jake Rossen

Before the show was a hit, audience members were made out of plywood.

Does Febreze Really "Trap" Bad Odors?

Hannah Keyser

Turns out, yes—a cage-like chemical compound called cyclodextrin traps smelly scents.

Company Patents 12-Mile-High Inflatable Space Elevator

Michele Debczak

It's the great space elevator.

Delight Your Inner Kid With This Giant Lite-Brite

Rebecca OConnell

464 LED lights to help worker morale.

The Missing Links: Pillows That Look Like Rocks

Colin Patrick

Name U.S. Presidents' Last Names by Length

Learn the 18th Century Rules of Proper Dueling

Caitlin Schneider

You never thought a showdown could be so full of particulars.

Spiders Weave Quarter-Mile Web in Dallas Suburb

Michele Debczak

If you visit, please leave your arachnophobe friends at home.

Why Burger King Tried to Block the Trademark For a 9th Century Manuscript

Caitlin Schneider

Two little letters brought these seemingly unrelated entities together.

This Kenyan Village Is Home To Only Women

Hannah Keyser

The Kenyan village of Umoja has become a refuge and new start for women who have been raped or otherwise mistreated by men.

Linking Couples Via "Quantum Entanglement" in the Name of Romance

Roma Panganiban

A pair of linked particles become connected so that whatever happens to one particle also happens to the other.

Pick the Negative Word That Completes the Movie Title

Take the quiz!

10 Gentlemanly Facts About the Miniature Schnauzer

Rebecca OConnell

The miniature schnauzer may be small in size, but that doesn’t affect its big personality.