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15 Bugs Named After Politicians

Nick Greene

If you can't get an airport named after you, a slime-mold beetle is a pretty decent consolation prize.

Tom Skelton: The Serial Killer Court Jester

Paul Anthony Jones

The original Tom Fool wasn't all fun and games.

The Facebook 'Dislike' Button Is Coming

Rebecca OConnell

A 'dislike' button is on the horizon.

Flat Reading Lamps That Look 3D

Rebecca OConnell

Take your workspace to the next level with these optical illusions-turned-lamps.

15 Explosive Facts About Volcanoes

Jen Pinkowski

They’re amazing. They’re dangerous. They’re portals to the hot, living interior of the Earth.

The Missing Links: Disney's New Mary Poppins Film

Colin Patrick

15 Influences on Agatha Christie’s Work

Erika Berlin

In honor of her 125th birthday, below are 15 of the countless influences the late Queen of Crime culled for her popular novels.

This Toothbrushing App Was Reprogrammed to Be Less Addictive

Michele Debczak

The game was so entertaining that parents were having trouble tearing their kids away from it.

15 Mysterious Facts About Owls

Joy Lanzendorfer

Owls are enigmatic birds, by turns mysterious, lovable, or spooky, depending on who you ask.

Feeling Low? A Bibliotherapist Might Be Able To Help

Caitlin Schneider

The healing power of books finally gets some proper terminology.

15 Easy Steps You Can Take To Be Ready for Anything

From losing a wallet to losing power, unpleasant life events tend to occur when we least expect them.

Humans Adapt Their Gait to Walk in the Laziest Way Possible

Shaunacy Ferro

The nervous system helps you walk in a way that expends the least energy possible.

Airbag Jacket for Motorcyclists Knows When to Deploy

Michele Debczak

This could make travel a whole lot safer for riders on two wheels.

15 Cool, Successful Kickstarter Inventions You Can Order For Yourself

April Daley

Believe the hype: These Kickstarter campaigns already won over tens of thousands of investors—and broke a few records along the way. Now, you can also become a fan.

LEGO Nail Art Lets You Flaunt Your Architectural Prowess

Rebecca OConnell

LEGO nails look awesome, but might be a little cumbersome.