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A Chart That Diagrams Closing Sentences From Classic Novels

Kirstin Fawcett

The closing lines of novels are grammatically different than their opening lines. Here's how.

5 Questions: On the "Job"

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10 Secrets of the White House Calligraphers

the mag

A few things you might not know about these stately handwriting masters.

Ancient Ants Farm a Fancy New Fungus

Matt Soniak

14 Things To Know About Velázquez's 'Las Meninas'

Kristy Puchko

The painting containsclues that have long fascinated and frustrated art historians.

14 Uplifting Facts About Victoria's Secret

Beth Anne Macaluso

It turns out lace, frills, and leopard print are a serious business.

'Star Wars: Uprising' Mobile RPG Adds New Chapter Between Episodes VI and VII

Janet Burns

The new Star Wars mobile game picks up where 'Return of the Jedi' left off.

Here’s Boeing’s Teaser for Their First Commercial Starliner

Michele Debczak

A first look at the future of space travel

Skip the Spa: Take Your Mud Bath at the World Bog Snorkeling Championships

Kirstin Fawcett

The bizarre annual sports tournament recently celebrated its 30th birthday.

New Rooftop Mural in Norway May Be the Largest in the World

Kirstin Fawcett

At 226,0040 square feet, "Lilith & Olaf" might beat out the Pueblo Levee Project as the world's largest mural.

How the Owners of All 32 NFL Teams Made Their Money

Nick Greene

Here's how someone—or, in many cases, someone's parents or grandparents—becomes wealthy enough to buy an NFL franchise.

The New Night's Watch: Alaskans Can Check Bat Detectors Out of the Library

Shaunacy Ferro

The state is allowing citizen scientists to monitor bat populations via their local library.

Amazing Discovery: We Have a New Human Relative

Jen Pinkowski

Scientists have unearthed the largest cache of a single species of hominins ever discovered in Africa.

18 So Cool Facts About 'True Romance'

Roger Cormier

After being ignored by moviegoers and hated on by Bob Dole, Quentin Tarantino's first writing effort is now considered a contemporary classic.

Why Do I Get Bruises?

Jen Pinkowski

Next up in our Why series for curious kids!