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LEGO Nail Art Lets You Flaunt Your Architectural Prowess

Rebecca OConnell

LEGO nails look awesome, but might be a little cumbersome.

The First Words of Famous Songs

Take the quiz!

15 Honey Facts Worth Buzzing About

This National Honey Month, stock up on 15 surprising facts about the honey bee's original all-natural sweetener.

How Movie Studios Make Vancouver Look Like Any City in the World

Shaunacy Ferro

The Canadian city is the third largest town for movie production in North America.

15 Golden Facts About 'Almost Famous'

Garin Pirnia

Fifteen years ago, Billy Crudup was a golden god in Cameron Crowe’s semi-autobiographical ode to rock 'n' roll.

The Answer Starts With 'D'

That's the only hint you're getting.

Where Did the Phrase "Goody Two-Shoes" Come From?

Bess Lovejoy

“Goody Two-Shoes” was a real person—or at least, a real fictional character.

15 Facts About Silly Putty

Kirstin Fawcett

For 65 years, the toy has been enjoyed by children, astronauts, engineers, and artists alike.

5-Year-Olds Dig Tunnel to Escape From Preschool

Mental Floss UK

Using toy shovels, two kids in Russia escaped their preschool. Their plan? Buy a Jaguar!

15 Spicy Facts About Chili Peppers

Peppers, or members of the genus capsicum, come in all shapes, sizes, colors—and spiciness. Learn more about the varied and interesting fruit native to Central and South America.

Morning Cup of Links: Break Out the Pumpkin!

Miss Cellania

In 1995, You Could Smell Like Kermit the Frog

Rebecca OConnell Caitlin Schneider

Amphibia was dripping with froggy sex appeal.

15 Forgotten School Supplies We Should Bring Back

Though the technologies of today are undoubtedly amazing, some of the school supplies of yesteryear were also pretty fantastic.

How Scientists Use Leeches to Locate Rare Animals

Anna Green

Leeches serve as rare DNA collectors.

Non-Bird Flying Objects

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