The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Squirrel Terrorizes Neighborhood A small but vicious gray squirrel has attacked at least three residents of Bennington, Vermont in the past couple of weeks.

9 Other Famous Harvard Dropouts

Scott Allen

(Not named Zuckerberg or Gates.)

To Paywall or Not to Paywall?

Ransom Riggs

So the New York Times just announced that pretty soon they'll be instituting a sort-of-complicated paywall system for their website content, which will be free if you view twenty or fewer article

Brain Game: Tanzania or Turkey?

Just like that, it's time for the Friday Free-for-All... enjoy! By land area, which is the larger nation... 1. Canada or China? 2. Argentina or Australia? 3. Saudi Arabia or Sudan? 4.

Morning Cup of Links: Robot Elephant

Miss Cellania

The annual Vasaloppet in Sweden is the largest cross-country ski race in the world. See a video of the more than 15,000 people who took part on March 6th.

Done in 60 Seconds Films

Colin Patrick

I feel like I just got the stink of the self-congratulatory award season washed off me, so I’m in no rush to start lauding Hollywood-types with more shiny hardware. The Done in 60 Seconds awards, o

7 Alternative Uses for Beer

Rob Lammle

“Beer: the cause of – and solution to – all of life's problems.” - Homer J. Simpson When Homer uttered those fateful words, he was referring to drinking his favorite alcoholic beverage.

PVC Beasts That Walk on Their Own

Chris Higgins

Theo Jansen is an artist (technically, a sculptor) who creates strandbeests -- PVC sculptures that operate like simple robots.

The mental_floss Guide to the NCAAs (The West)

Scott Allen

We may not be much help in filling out your bracket.

What Exactly is Limelight?

Ransom Riggs

You hear it all the time -- that so-and-so is "in the limelight" or "stealing the limelight" -- and while we all know what people mean when they say that, we may not have any idea

The Number of the Day: 1 in 10,000

Colin Patrick

Why are four-leaf clovers considered so lucky?

Puppies Wearing Hats Eating Bacon Sharing Facts (about Charlie Sheen)

Stacy Conradt

Even the dog world is talking about Charlie Sheen, though they're unimpressed by his Tiger

12 Non-Basketball March Madness Brackets

Miss Cellania

We love March Madness! We love it so much that we can't restrict it to just a basketball tournament.

When a Nine-Month-Old Picks a Bracket

Stacy Conradt

Taking a cue from Jason's daughter and her impressive knowledge of presidential facts, I thought perhaps I had a child prodigy of a different sort on my hands: master bracketologist.

The Snake That Can Shiver

Jill Harness

Snakes are generally known for being unable to control their own body temperature and for being terrible parents.