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This U.K. Restaurant Plans to Dish Out Insects

Kirstin Fawcett

Founders Sarah Beynon and Andy Holcroft hope to "normalize" the practice of eating bugs.

5 Questions: Scary Movie

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What 4 New Snowclones Like 'X-ers Gonna X' Have in Common

Gretchen McCulloch

How is language evolving on the internet? In this series on internet linguistics, Gretchen McCulloch breaks down the latest innovations in online communication.

Infants Don’t Really Understand Tickling

Shaunacy Ferro

A recent study finds 4-month-old babies don’t connect the tactile sensations they feel to the person or thing doing the touching.

6 Things Zombies Actually Eat

Sean Hutchinson the mag

A closer reading of the literature proves the menu for your next zombie gathering is more complicated than just "brains."

Electronic Sensors Sniff Out Ovarian Cancer

Jordan Rosenfeld

Israeli scientists have developed sophisticated sensors that can “sniff” out ovarian cancer in a patient's breath.

This Is The First Illustration of Neurons

Shaunacy Ferro

Italian physician Camillo Golgi’s drawing of a dog’s neurons first appeared in a journal in 1875.

This Tape Gun Lets You ‘Physically Sketch’ Life-Sized Models

Michele Debczak

The Protopiper makes designing large prototypes fast and easy.

Sotheby's Is Auctioning Off What Might Be the World's Largest Cat Painting

Kirstin Fawcett

Titled 'My Wife's Lovers,' the oil work was commissioned by a wealthy 19th century feline fancier.

Counting Wolves by Looking at Their Howls

Matt Soniak

Biologists think that images like these, which let them look at wolf howls instead of just listening to them, might help them better protect wolves.

Why Being Too Hungry Can Make Us 'Hangry'

Anna Green

Feeling “hangry” doesn’t mean you’re a short-tempered or impatient person.

How Bats Avoid Hitting Obstacles With Echolocation

Shaunacy Ferro

It’s simpler than you might think, according to a new model.

5 Transforming Costume Ideas to Take Your Halloween to the Next Level

Andrew LaSane

Why wear one costume when you can wear two?

Someone Made a Real Version of Andy's Room From 'Toy Story 3'

Stacy Conradt

As part of their real-life remake of Toy Story 3, brothers Morgan and Mason McGrew painstakingly morphed Mason's room into Andy's room, with details right down to the stickers on the doors a

This Underground Fridge Doesn't Need Electricity

Rebecca OConnell

This modern take on a root cellar keeps fruits and vegetables cool without any electricity.