The Late Movies: Talking Toys Talking to Each Other

Chris Higgins

There are lots of talking toys out there, and some also have microphones built in, so they can respond to your voice.

Terrible Hold Music

David K. Israel

I know what you're thinking: What hold music isn't terrible?

The Quick 10: Billy the Kid

Stacy Conradt

Today's the day Billy the Kid bit the dust 129 years ago.

You're Doing it Wrong

Chris Higgins

Prepare to learn that you've been doing something wrong your entire life. In an extensive thread at Ask Metafilter, commenters share what they did wrong for years.

How George Steinbrenner Warmed to Seinfeld

Jason English

With the passing of legendary New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, everyone's telling their best stories about The Boss.

Dietribes: Licorice

Allison Keene

"¢Â Sweetness thy name is Licorice, or "sweet root," "sweet stalk" and "sweet grass" (according to the Greeks, Indians and Chinese).

Brain Game: 10 Letters to the President

In today's Brain Game, the answer to #2 may come quicker than the answer to #1. Good luck: 1. What U.S. president has had the longest first name (10 letters)? 2. Which two U.S.

What Happened to Marie Antoinette's Children?

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

While the story of Marie Antoinette ends with her beheading in 1793, the tragedy of her family continued to unfold long after her death.

Morning Cup of Links: Tomato Soup Cake

Miss Cellania

The Curious London Legacy of Benedict Arnold.

The Late Movies: Saved By The Bell—The Malibu Sands Episodes

Erica Palan

During the third season of Saved By The Bell, Zack, Kelly, Slater, Screech and Jessie took jobs at the Malibu Sands Beach Club, where Lisa Turtle and her family were members. Mr.

The Quick 10: 9 Circus Deaths (and one that never happened)

Stacy Conradt

As far as dangerous professions go, "writer" is probably not very high on the list. Carpal tunnel, deteriorating eyesight, maybe paper cuts - sure.

The KFC Logo You Can See from Space

Chris Higgins

Satellite imagery is full of interesting sights, but my favorite is the grinning KFC logo staring out at the universe from a desert in Rachel, Nevada.

Ghost Writers: The Surprising Names Behind 10 Famous Works

Ethan Trex

Wish someone would give you a little respect? Want to keep the French from colonizing Central America? You know what song and what doctrine to turn to, but do you know who actually wrote them?

Twitter's Twaggies

David K. Israel is the first start-up I've ever, er, started up that's made it out of the incipient early BETA test phase and has actually brought people joy.

Odds/Ends: Name the MVPs! (And Other Contest News)

Jason English

Help us out! I saw on ESPN this morning that LeBron James became the sixth reigning league MVP in the four major sports to leave for another team after the season.