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Arctic Explorers Find and Eat 60-Year-Old Jam

Anna Green

On a recent expedition to the northeast tip of Greenland, cave scientist Gina Moseley and her team of arctic explorers stumbled upon an unexpected feast: 14 tins of food, hidden away six decades ago.

Facebook Will Give Employees the Chance to Use Slower Internet Speeds

Michele Debczak

"2G Tuesdays" are meant to help Facebook employees relate to emerging markets.

16 (Not-So-Scary) Clowning Terms, Unmasked

Angela Tung

You might be surprised to know that clowns haven't always been horror movie material.

10,000-Year-Old Frozen Cave Lion Cubs Found in Siberia

Andrew LaSane

The remains are the first in history to be found intact and perfectly preserved.

French Vending Machines Dispense Short Stories Instead Of Snacks

James Hunt

Have three minutes for a quick read? Grab a free short story in France!

5 Recipes to Make With Your Extra Halloween Candy

Michele Debczak

Start planning your Halloween candy consumption today.

Longboard Stroller Will Secure Your "Cool Dad" Status

Rebecca OConnell

Why should your kid have all the fun?

Rare Baby Civet Born at Nashville Zoo

Kate Horowitz

The adorable banded palm civet is being raised by his parents, out of sight of visitors.

10 Amorphous Facts About ‘The Blob’

Mark Mancini

A quintessential drive-in horror movie, 'The Blob' has been absorbing viewers for more than 50 years.

Can Birds Smell?

Kate Horowitz

Or was Toucan Sam just faking it all these years?

Tokyo’s Bookstore-Themed Hostel to Open in November

Michele Debczak

Guests at this hostel may never want to leave.

This Infographic Pairs Wine With Halloween Candy

Caitlin Schneider

There's a trick for every treat.

28 Haunted Houses You Can Visit in the United Kingdom

Caitlin Schneider

Take a virtual tour of these supposedly haunted and definitely historic sites.

This High-Tech Mug Will Keep Your Coffee Warm For Hours

Anna Green

The mug lets you choose your exact temperature setting, down to the degree.

Stunning Photos of New Zealand's Vibrant Scenery and Culture

Rebecca OConnell

The new book 'New Zealand Photography Collected' features 400 breathtaking pictures of New Zealand taken from the national collection at Te Papa.