Brain Game: Drive My Car

Any Beatles fans in the house? These fictitious automobile-related phrases are actually anagrams of song titles by the Beatles.

Morning Cup of Links: Extreme Caving

Miss Cellania

It takes a real passion for your work to descend into the deepest caves of the world. James M. Tabor not only has the passion, but he communicates it well to those of us here on top of the earth.

The Late Movies: 11 Unusual Competitive Eating Contests

Erica Palan

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest was held over Fourth of July weekend on Coney Island. This year, long-time title-holder Joey Chestnut consumed 54 hot dogs and buns, winning the competition.

The Quick 10: 10 Unexpected Secret Service Duties

Stacy Conradt

Being a Secret Service agent isn't as action-packed as they make it seem in the movies.

Why Do Soap Operas Look Different From Other TV Shows?

Matt Soniak

Soap operas, "soaps" or "my stories," as many a grandmother has called them, are dramas presented in a serial format on daytime television or radio.

How One Man Gamed "The Price is Right"

Chris Higgins

Have you seen The Price is Right? I watch it at the gym, during the day, because I don't need to hear the sound to figure out what's going on.

Reminder: Help Us Decide Where to Go!

Jason English

As Will mentioned earlier this month, we're hitting the road this fall to spread the word about our latest book and new game. If you'd like mental_floss to make a trip to your town, email

5 Alternative World Cup Tournaments

Rob Lammle

The melodic tones of the vuvuzelas have faded, marking the end of yet another exciting World Cup tournament.

Insert Money Laundering Joke Here

Colin Patrick

We've all heard that well-traveled anecdote about how nearly all U.S. dollar bills contain trace amounts of cocaine. Or urine. Or botulism.

Jeopardy! by the Numbers: 10 You Need to Know

David K. Israel

1925 The year Merv Griffin was born. 1964 The year Merv Griffin's wife Julann came up with the idea for a game show where the contestant gets the answer instead of the question.

Brain Game: Math Square #32

For those of you who have been hungry for a Brain Game Math Square for a while (since last Monday was a holiday)...

Morning Cup of Links: Amygdaloids

Miss Cellania

How is a marriage affected when one partner seeks immortality and the other doesn't?

The Number of the Day: 30.94

Will Treece

The fastest anyone has solved a Rubik's Cube blindfolded is 30.94 seconds.

In 1983, the White House Santa Was Mr. T

Jason English

Why did Mrs. Reagan choose B.A. Baracus for this assignment?

Another Contest: Secrets From Your Favorite Movies

Jason English

Last week, ESPN columnist Arash Markazi sent out a link via Twitter to a clip from Back to the Future III, a movie I've seen enough times to wear out a VHS copy.