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Brain Game: Aspire

Have fun with today's Wednesday Wordplay challenge at the mentalfloss.com Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Giant Robot Snake

Miss Cellania

The U.S. government has a few job openings in Houston, Texas, with some travel required. Applications will be taken now through January. * Michael J.

The World’s Longest Christmas Card Exchange

Stacy Conradt

The Purse is infamous in our family. A couple (ahem, maybe a few) decades ago, my grandma bought my mother a handbag. The Purse in question had the appearance of denim but was plastic-y to the touch.

13 Images from National Geographic's Photo Contest

David K. Israel

It's that time of year again! Time for NGM's annual photo contest.

The All-Time Most Popular Posts From 21 Wonderful Websites

Jason English

While poking around in Google Analytics the other day, I was a little surprised to learn this was our all-time most popular story. I thought it was this. Or maybe this.

How NBA Players Are Spending the Lockout

Bud Shaw

In a job application for Regency Furniture posted online, free agent guard Delonte West checked the "full-time" box and answered "yes" to the question, "Have you ever been con

Beautiful Slow-Motion Footage from Apollo 13 Launch

Chris Higgins

If you enjoyed yesterday's video of the Earth taken from the ISS, you might enjoy this slow-motion video of a Saturn V rocket blasting off to take Apollo 13 to the moon in 1970 (spoiler alert: t

14 Creative and Clever Soaps

Miss Cellania

If you want to get a gift for someone who seems to have everything they need or want, here's a bit of advice. You should get them something they can use up!

Brain Game: Ed McMahon?

Here's the mentalfloss.com Brain Game with a new Tuesday Test Time challenge. Good luck! Exactly FOUR U.S.

Morning Cup of Links: The Gobi Grid

Miss Cellania

Football is almost a religion at Penn State, and the faithful have been shaken by the Sandusky scandal.

Space Jam Was Released 15 Years Ago Today (and the Film's 1996 Website Is Alive/Kicking)

Jason English

November 15, 1996, was a big day for movies — both Space Jam and The English Patient were released. Sadly, only one of those movies' official websites is still up and running.

The Late Movies: Newsies

Andréa Fernandes

Disney's 1992 box office dud, Newsies, has gained quite a cult following in the ensuing years.

Stunning Time Lapse of Earth Seen from Space Station

Chris Higgins

Do you have five minutes to see what Earth really looks like? You need to watch the time lapse video below.

The Lesser-Known Military Careers of 11 U.S. Presidents

Matthew Hickman

We know the good ones: Washington coaxing his tattered troops through the winter at Valley Forge, Andrew Jackson bidding the Redcoats adieu in New Orleans, Ike masterminding the invasion of Normandy.

13 Cool Shopping Bags

David K. Israel

Apparently the U.S. is lagging way behind Europe when it comes to witty shopping bag design.