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Short & Sweet


Amazing Facts, 140 Characters at a Time

Jason English

Just a quick reminder that we're on Twitter. (Facebook, too.) That is

Chris Higgins on This American Life

Chris Higgins

It's shameless self-promotion time! I've been working on a story for my favorite radio show, This American Life, for the past few months.

What's On Your Summer Reading List?

Jason English

Every Friday, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one, answer all, respond to someone else's reply, whatever you want. Very casual.

The LeBron James Sweepstakes

Bud Shaw

These are anxious times in the city of Cleveland where a downtown banner in honor of two-time NBA Most Valuable Player LeBron James proclaims, "Born Here. Raised Here. Plays Here.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Waffle House Worker has Wild Ride Andrew Brian McKnight was standing outside the Murfreesboro, Tennessee Waffle House where he worked when three teenagers walked outside, followed by a waitress who

Brain Game: Spin or Solve

I'm old enough to remember Wheel of Fortune in the days before the bonus round...

What Seven Million Tires Look Like

Ransom Riggs

Photographer Edward Burtynsky has spent much of his career documenting mankind's "manufactured landscapes," from mines and quarries to massive engineering projects that are mind-bogglin

Morning Cup of Links: TV University

Miss Cellania

Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan, women weren't only educated, they even attended college beside men.

The Late Movies: Space Firsts

Mark Arminio

Forty-five years ago today, on June 3, 1965, astronaut Edward White became the first American to leave the safety of a spacecraft, stepping outside Gemini 4 and into the emptiness of space.

The Sesame Street/Muppet Show/Fraggle Rock Trivia Contest

Jason English

We've mentioned before that Oscar the Grouch used to be orange; Jim Henson decided to make him green before the second season of Sesame Street.

Make-A-Wish: Turning Kids Into Superheroes, Ice Cream Men & More

Ethan Trex

The Make-A-Wish Foundation has granted nearly 200,000 wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Who Wants to Write on Glass?

David K. Israel

Every now and then, following our blog pays off in nontraditional ways. Sure, we're the place where knowledge junkies get their fix. But we're also the place to score free stuff!

Stacy Conradt Had Her Baby!

Jason English

Update: The First Baby Picture! After furious negotiations, we've secured the rights to the first photo of Lydia Louise Conradt. Our apologies to People, Us Weekly and The Des Moines Register.

Mother Nature's Guide to Wild Medicine

the mag

by Eric Furman The rainforest supplies more than 120 prescription drugs worldwide.

10 Crazy Cupcakes

Miss Cellania

The cupcake is an art form we can all get behind. It involves baking, an art form in itself, decorating, where the sky is the limit, and photography if the results are good.