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The First Foldable Smartphone Could Be Coming in January

Michele Debczak

Hold the phone: the old school mobile devices may be making a comeback.

Why Washington Relinquished His Power, And Why He Returned

David W Brown

“For Washington,” writes Edward Larson in The Return of George Washington, “retirement made sense.”

Facebook Is Developing Virtual Reality That Lets You Play Ping Pong in Space

Michele Debczak

Facebook has been tinkering with virtual reality, and it sounds like they're enjoying themselves.

Twisted Cinema: Balloon Recreations of Iconic Movie Scenes

Rebecca OConnell

Rob Driscoll recreates one movie poster or scene a week.

7 Mysterious Rock Formations to Rival Stonehenge

Finger Biscuits Cut Out the Middle Man: Your Spoon

Rebecca OConnell

Let's not kid ourselves: we're not spreading Nutella on anything. Finger biscuits let you eat the chocolatey goodness right out of the jar.

5 Questions: Airplane Parts

Pass rate:75 %
Backwards navigation:Forbidden

5 Of The Most Amazing Items Ringo Starr Put Up For Auction

Hannah Keyser

Ringo Starr is putting over 800 items up for auction, including various items from his days in the Beatles.

The Brits Made A Giant Yorkshire Pudding Burger for Food Challenges

Olivia Harrison

Who says Americans are the only ones with crazy-big appetites?

Wear Your Favorite Book Around Your Neck

Rebecca OConnell

Everyone has a favorite book that they've read multiple times. To celebrate that special tome, you can have it recreated as a tiny necklace charm.

Quentin Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction' Wish List Has Been Leaked Online

Olivia Harrison

John Travolta's comeback was made possible by Michael Madsen.

9 Trees With Spectacular Fall Foliage

Shaunacy Ferro

Watch out for these species if you want to see a rainbow of autumn colors.

Multitasking Fish Pee Out of Their Intestines

Kate Horowitz

The stickleback may not look like much, but this little fish is quite the overachiever.

Why Does Everyone Else's Skin Feel Softer Than Mine?

Shaunacy Ferro

Touching another person’s skin and thinking it’s super soft is an illusion that may help cement social bonds, one study finds.

AI Machine Teaches Itself to Become a Top Chess Player in 72 Hours

Anna Green

It took 72 hours for the machine to play at the International Master Level.