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Weekend Links: Your New Favorite Animal, the Alot

Allison Keene

Heighten your enjoyment of Thanksgiving leftovers with a little science and history, like the evolution of cranberries. And lo, there's also a vintage Dietribe on cranberries as well!

Woody's Winners, Week 12

NFL WEEK TWELVE Woody posted a pleasant 12-4 record in NFL games last week, and wishes to apologize to all the Tennessee fans out there for jinxing your Titans a few weeks ago by raving about their w

Our 20% Off Sale Ends Sunday!

Mangesh & Jason

There's only one day left to take advantage of our 20% off Thanksgiving Weekend sale.

Your All-Time Favorite Boardgames

Jason English

Last week, Keith Law took us on a tour of boardgame history, from Senet in ancient Egypt through the German-style games so popular today.

6 Ways Charles Schulz Really Was Charlie Brown

Jill Harness

On what would have been his birthday, let’s celebrate the man and his creation by considering how similar Schulz was to good old Chuck.

This is My PVC Instrument

Chris Higgins

Inspired by Blue Man Group, "Snubby J" created a "PVC Instrument" and performs a medley of songs at the Del Ray South Talent Show.

Death Metal Animals

Ransom Riggs

Whether or not you're a heavy metal fan, you're aware enough of the genre, I'm sure, to know it involves liberal amounts of headbanging on the part of both fans and performers, and -- m

8 Odd Acts of the Vaudeville Era

Miss Cellania

Before movies could talk, there were endless opportunities for those who had talent to make a living performing in front of live audiences.

Our Black Friday 20% Off Sale!

Jason English

Holiday shopping without the holiday shoppers! No lines, no crowds, no taking an elbow to the ribs from some crazy person fighting you for the last marked-down item.

How Do Pop-Up Turkey Timers Work?

Matt Soniak

The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service estimates that 250 million turkeys will be raised in the US in 2009.

Why Do The Lions & Cowboys Always Play On Thanksgiving?

Ethan Trex

You hear the same phrases every Thanksgiving. "Please pass the gravy." "Actually, can I have the gravy again?

A Brief History—and Future—of the Shopping Cart

Rob Lammle

They're everywhere - in almost every grocery store, department store, and bulk item superstore.

The Late Movies: Indie Comedy

Chris Higgins

I keep coming across comedy videos that I classify as "too weird for a single blog post." I think they're funny, but are they enough for one post? Probably not.

How Did You Know? – Day 3 Level 3/Bonus Round

David K. Israel

YES! You can play this challenge/contest without knowing a thing about the weekly hunt! It's sort of a one-off - a stand-alone if you will.

The Number of the Day: 58,000,000

Gabrielle Linnell

In 2 A.D., the first Chinese census reported a national population of 58,000,000 Related Fact: According to a July 2010 estimate, the Chinese population is now 1,330,141,295.