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How to Enjoy Your Pizza Like a Pro

Projections of Crying Babies Highlight China's Air Pollution

Hannah Keyser

A Chinese air purifying company is putting a face—or rather, lots of faces—to the issue.

The Real Reason the Hatfields and McCoys Started Feuding

Stacy Conradt

The infamous family feud lasted decades, and claimed the lives of 13 people. But what caused it in the first place?

Read the 1943 Rules of Conduct for Women's Baseball

Caitlin Schneider

While the official song of the organization proclaimed that the motto of the players was “Do or Die,” the rules of of conduct weren’t quite so tough.

15 Parenting Tips From History’s Greatest Fathers

Pick the 'A' Word That Matches Each Definition

Just How Hard Is It to Become Nintendo World Champion? Watch and See

Shaunacy Ferro

The final match involved this crazy all-new level of Super Mario Bros.

Your Dog Doesn't Like People Who are Mean to You

Rebecca OConnell

New Japanese study says dogs have your back

15 Perfectly Safe Things That Were Once Considered Dangerous

Sonia Weiser

Lots of stuff is more dangerous than we realized. But some things people once considered dangerous aren't harmful at all.

The Average Wage of Almost Every Job in America

Alvin Ward

Watch the New Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Demonstrate a Near-Vertical Takeoff

Hannah Keyser

15 Incredible Shoe Styles History Has Forgotten

The Battle for Arlington National Cemetery

Long before Arlington's famous Tomb of the Unknown Solider had a round-the-clock guard, the estate was home to a much different kind of solider: Union troops.

15 Times Stars Took Method Acting Too Far

Beth Anne Macaluso

For some actors, just looking the part isn't enough.

15 Lesser-Known People Who Got Their Own U.S. Postage Stamps

Caitlin Schneider

Nearly 800 people have been featured since 1847. Here are a few you probably haven't heard of.