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Researchers Have Found a Way to 3D Print Hair

Michele Debczak

If you've ever used a glue gun, then you might be able to guess how this works.

Watch What Happens When You Mix Ferrofluid and Glow Sticks

Caitlin Schneider

It's a bit like a lava lamp on caffeine.

17 Job Titles in Victorian Slang

Paul Anthony Jones

Are you an "adjective-jerker," a "learning-shover," a "sublime rascal," or perhaps a "castor-oil artist"?

There Was a Dominant 18th-Century Racehorse Named Pot8os

Anna Green

Sired by Eclipse, Pot8os (a.k.a. Potoooooooo) was a champion racehorse.

Watch an Intense Friction Drill Melt Metal

Rebecca OConnell

"Basically, you create your own inserts."

12 Berserk Facts About the Lewis Chessmen

Jen Pinkowski

They're the most famous chess pieces in history.

Social Change and Richard Scarry’s 'Best Word Book Ever'

9 Writing Tools That Helped Create Legendary Works

Kyle Chayka the mag

The method for putting words to the page is as unique as every writer.

A Hotel in Vermont Will Offer Patrons Road Kill

Kirstin Fawcett

On November 7, a dinner called "Wild About Vermont" will provide diners with the chance to sample the unconventional dish.

Behind-The-Scenes Details From 10 Iconic Movies

Rebecca OConnell

Take a look at the wild things that happened while the cameras were rolling.

5 Questions: The Mikado

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Turtle-Reliant Rube Goldberg Machine Takes Weeks to Work

Shaunacy Ferro

Just wait for the molasses to drip.

11 Scientific Benefits of Being Outdoors

Presented by Toyota.

This Space Exploration Video Game Might Cure Writer’s Block

Roma Panganiban

Riker Sits Down

Chris Higgins

Watch "The Riker Maneuver" and be amazed.