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Neuroscience Is the Key to a Good Magic Trick

Caitlin Schneider

Even the most clever of magic aficionados can't compete with the brain's hardwiring.

25 Things You Should Know About Nashville

Jeff Wells

It may be known as the Music City, but Nashville can do a lot more than just carry a tune.

On Sunday You Will Be Able to See Uranus

David W Brown

13 Spooky Facts About ‘The Monster Squad’

Mark Mancini

The kid-friendly horror movie has been reanimated as a Halloween cult classic.

A Sustainable Standing Desk

Shaunacy Ferro

It’s made of agricultural byproducts.

43 Charmingly Odd British Town Names

Chris Higgins

Fearing Upton Snodsbury, Didling, Crudwell, Blubberhouses, and Wetwang!

10 Graveside Traditions at Famous Tombs

Bess Lovejoy

Whether it's leaving playing cards or bullets, or drinking a cognac toast, there are a variety of traditional ways to pay tribute at famous tombs.

This Pocket-Sized Camera Has 16 Built-In Lenses

Andrew LaSane

Leave the DSLR at home.

Meet the Real-Life 'Peanuts' Gang

Caitlin Schneider

The voices of our childhood were children themselves.

5 Incredible Innovations by Dance Music Pioneer Tom Moulton

Clay Wirestone

He's the reason you can groove along to a 12-minute remix of your favorite song.

Take a Tour of the Leading Sriracha Factory

Kirstin Fawcett

Just hurry—it ends on October 17.

Can You Solve This Math Question That Made Some Scottish Students Cry?

Rebecca OConnell

On a recent advanced math exam in Scotland, one question was particularly challenging.

The Dark Origins of Your Favorite Disney Films

Caitlin Schneider

If you think Disney movies can get a little dark, just wait until you hear the stories the films are based on.

13 Button-Mashing Facts About GameStop

Jake Rossen

A robber once called ahead to make sure the game he wanted was in stock.

These Are the World's Most Beautiful Aquariums

Kirstin Fawcett

Check out these stunning entries from the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest.