Water hammer


Water hammer


Beached limos


Beached limos


On The Road: 5 Great Stops Along I-55

Mark Arminio

In our continuing coverage of flossy diversions along America's roadways (you can read the first two posts here and here), this week we take a look at the northeast-running expanse of Interstate

America's Jiminy Crickett: The Ted Turner Story

Bud Shaw

After my previous post mentioned Ted Turner's promotional antics as owner of the Atlanta Braves, a reader suggested I write more about the man who became known as "The Mouth of the South.&qu

10 Strange and Wonderful Umbrellas

Miss Cellania

Umbrellas are utilitarian objects that most of us have -unless we don't.

Brain Game: Lunch for 4

We're due for a logic puzzle Brain Game, so here it is.

Morning Cup of Links: Wireless Rube Goldberg Machine

Miss Cellania

Wired has a collection of videos from the British Medical Association showing surgical operations from the 1930s.

The Late Movies: Five Five-Minute Educational Ignite Talks

Chris Higgins

After yesterday's link to an Ignite Talk, Scrabble: How to Confuse and Destroy Your Opponents, I thought I'd take this opportunity to feature a few more great five-minute talks.

The Quick 10: 10 State Nickname Explanations

Stacy Conradt

So, college football fans, you might have noticed that my beloved Iowa State Cyclones lost the big state rivalry to the Iowa Hawkeyes last weekend. Badly. It wasn't pretty.

The 5pm Quiz: Seinfeld Guest Stars

Jason English

Since Seinfeld went off the air ten years ago (well, it was ten years ago when we first posted this quiz), many guest stars have gone on to enjoy rather impressive careers of their own.

Classic Feynman Physics Lectures Free Online, Courtesy of Bill Gates

Chris Higgins

Back in July, Microsoft introduced Project Tuva, an online video player which will eventually host a variety of science content, free for all.

Paw & Order: Animals on Trial

Rob Lammle

In the history of the criminal justice system, animals have been tried for crimes by two separate, yet equally important groups: the criminal court, which tried animals for crimes against individuals,

This is Your Brain on Horror Movies

Ransom Riggs

MRI technology has been around for years, but only recently have people outside of the medical industry started using it -- for marketing research.

A.J. Jacobs - The Ultimate Guinea Pig

David K. Israel

If you enjoy my posts on this blog, you have A.J. Jacobs to thank. Yes, Mr. Know-it-All was the guy who recommended me to Will Pearson and Mangesh about a year before we all started blogging here.

Putting Liposuction Leftovers to Good Use

Meghan Holohan

Ever wonder what happens to all the fat sucked out during liposuction? If you feared it was going to waste, worry no more.

Brain Game: Pete Fell Off

Here's hoping that you'll enjoy today's Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Muppets and Marshmallows

Miss Cellania

The 6 Strangest Coming of Age Rituals in the World. If we don't go through any of these, can we stay young forever? * The Muppet Show's Ten Weirdest Moments.