The Number of the Day: 18

Will Treece

Welcome to our new daily feature! Since we're borrowing the 'Number of the Day' concept from Sesame Street, we figured we'd start with a Sesame Street stat. Mr.

Skullcaps: The Pope's vs. a Rabbi's - What's the difference?

David K. Israel

Cardinals wear red ones. The Pope wears a white one. Rabbis often wear black ones. What's the difference? Well, in this case, form does not follow function. Let's start with rabbis.

More on IBM's Jeopardyputer

Chris Higgins

I mentioned Watson, IBM's Jeopardy-playing computer, back in February. But the details were a little thin back then.

Extreme Backyard Thrills

Miss Cellania

While some families are putting helmets and knee pads on their children in order to ride a bicycle, others are installing trampolines in the backyard.

Adam Cadre's Lyttle Lytton Contest

Will Treece

Thanks for the warm welcome, everybody! For my inaugural mental_floss post, I think I'll just direct everyone to one of my all-time favorite places on the internet.

Brain Game: Switcheroo

If you place these 11 three-letter groups in the correct order, you'll form three 11-letter words reading top-to-bottom.

New Fridge Concept is Awesome, Scary

Ransom Riggs

Here's a "cool" idea for a refrigerator (heh) which actually doesn't use cooling at all to keep food fresh.

Morning Cup of Links: Lego World Cup

Miss Cellania

How to keep someone with you forever. If you've haven't yet been a victim of this sick system, it's only because you are young.

The Late Movies: Beck's Record Club Covers INXS's "Kick"

Chris Higgins

Beck Hansen has assembled a "Record Club" club which covers favorite songs and posts videos of the cover songs online.

The Quick 10: Happy Bloomsday!

Stacy Conradt

Happy Bloomsday!! If you're not a James Joyce aficionado (or if you're not familiar with obscure holidays), June 16 is the day all of the events in Joyce's Ulysses take place.

Put Your Hands Together for Will Treece!

Jason English

I'm very excited to introduce the newest member of the mental_floss team, Swarthmore's Will Treece! Will's going to be helping us out this summer. Here's his

7 Bizarre Stories of Stolen Movie Props

Rob Lammle

There was a time when movie props were worthless. When a film wrapped, the studio would often recycle props and costumes for use in other films, or sometimes simply throw them away.

Full Monopoly Game in 21 Seconds

Chris Higgins

I've been in plenty of Monopoly games that dragged on for hours, with one or two bankrupt players sitting on the sidelines, bored to death.

Paper to the People!

David K. Israel

You may already be aware of the paper toy craze sweeping the Web. But for all those who aren't, consider this an introduction.

Dietribes: Have a Grape Day!

Allison Keene

"¢Â The initial domestication of grapes took place in antiquity in what is now southern Turkey.