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13 Spectacular Terms from 'Seinfeld'

Angela Tung

See a Gorgeous Book on the Animal Kingdom From 1895

Caitlin Schneider

The title page of this guide to the world's fauna rightly boasts "13 coloured plates and numerous illustrations in the text." The illustrations are the best part.

How One Designer's Facebook Fans Helped Him Choose a Building Design

Sonia Weiser

Another new apartment building will be breaking ground on New York City's Thompson Street in SoHo, and this time, the general public had a voice in how it would look.

Artificial Intelligence Learns to Play 'Super Mario World' in 34 Tries

Rebecca OConnell

MarI/O is a fast learner

Name the South American Countries From Their Capitals

Take the quiz!

101 Masterpieces: The Statue of Liberty

the mag Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

The Statue of Liberty arrived in New York on June 17, 1885.

Google Sheep View Finds All the Sheep on Google Maps

Shaunacy Ferro

The Internet contains more sheep than you'd ever imagined.

The Harvard Chemistry Professor Who Was Also a Murderer

Bess Lovejoy

After George Parkman mysteriously disappeared on November 23, 1849, an unusual suspect emerged.

How One British Soldier Turned a Parlor Game into 'Clue'

Mary Pilon

It was Anthony Pratt, in the sitting room, with the brilliant idea.

18 Sounds You Probably Didn't Realize Were Trademarked

Nick Greene

Registering an aural trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is difficult, but these sounds made the cut.

12 Things You Might Not Know About 'Carmen Sandiego'

Lilit Marcus

No guessing—or geography knowledge—required.

Morning Cup of Links: Play Like a Girl

Miss Cellania

Do Other Animals Have Belly Buttons?

Rebecca OConnell

7 Incredible Things You Didn’t Know About Professional Scrabble

David W Brown

Word Nerd: Dispatches from the Games, Grammar, and Geek Underground, by John D. Williams, is a merry exploration of the intriguing, eccentric, and sometimes brutal world of professional SCRABBLE play.

Science Confirms: Honey Badger Don't Care

Rebecca OConnell